After pregnancy, the "fetal position" is generally fixed this month, and pregnant mothers must be clear

I believe that many pregnant mothers will fall into a dilemma in the third trimester of pregnancy, that is, whether to choose a cesarean section.

Under normal circumstances, doctors recommend that pregnant mothers with comprehensive physical functions choose to give birth. After all, compared with a cesarean section, the delivery is good for pregnant mothers and baby baby.

However, even if many pregnant mothers have decided to give birth, they will still worry.For example, many pregnant mothers will panic when they have obvious pregnancy reactions. In fact, as long as the pregnant mothers know the fixed time of the fetal position.

So when will the fetal position be fixed?

Generally, the fetal position will not be fixed before 28 weeks, so the pregnant mother does not have to worry.However, the baby’s fetal position began to be fixed at the 30-32 week, so the best correction time was also during this time.

During this period of fixed fetal position, pregnant mothers must pay more attention in these aspects.

1. Regular checkup

Women before production have to do a lot of examinations, which are important for pregnant women and fetuses in their cradle.Especially when the fetal fetal position is fixed, the birth checkup should be performed in advance.Because the baby’s fetal position has been fixed at this time, it is too late to change, so for the pregnant mother who is not positive, you can learn earlier that you can prepare for cesarean section in advance, which can also reduce the harm of production on yourself.

2. Don’t have severe exercise

Pregnant mothers must avoid severe physical labor during pregnancy, do not do severe exercise, and avoid wrestling to avoid causing abortion of the fetus.Especially for pregnant mothers who are not positive but fixed, we must develop a regular lifestyle to ensure sufficient sleep. It is best to go slowly every morning and breathe fresh air.Pay attention to diet to ensure that the stool is smooth and avoid the use of laxatives.

3. Keep a good emotion

During the pregnancy, the pregnant mother may have a feeling of anxiety, irritability, etc. during a variety of reasons, and emotional fluctuations are relatively large. These emotions are very unfavorable to the growth of the baby.Experiments have shown that factors such as nerve stimulation of uterine contraction have great harm to the baby, so it is also important to maintain a comfortable mood. Pregnant mothers must maintain a happy mood.It is recommended that pregnant mothers can listen to songs, take a walk, watch movies, etc. when they are in a bad mood, relax their nerves, and maintain a good mental state.

In the end, if the fetal position is not fixed, if the fetal position is not fixed, it is necessary to adjust the fetal position through some methods.However, pregnant mothers should not blindly perform some exercise. They think that as long as they move more fetal position, they can be positive.Pregnant mothers who have fixed fetal positions do not have to worry too much. At this time, as long as you adjust your mentality, keep a good mood and welcome your baby smoothly!

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