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A friend of pregnancy told me that the difference between mother -in -law and mother after pregnancy is: I called my mother, "Mom, I have risen to almost 110 pounds" Mom: "It’s much different, you can’t lose weight if you rise again, you can’t lose weight."" ".

And my mother -in -law asked me, "Are you 120 pounds now?" I said, "No, it has increased for more than 20 pounds, and now there are 110."Mother -in -law: "That’s not okay. You have to increase at least 30 pounds with amniotic fluid." Look, this is the difference between mother -in -law and mother.

Many pregnant mothers say that they know the difference between mother -in -law and mother after pregnancy.In the eyes of my mother, the health of the pregnant mother is always ranked first, and in the eyes of her mother -in -law, everything may be preferred with grandson.Have you ever experienced these?

Pregnant mothers have poor appetite during pregnancy

Mom: Seeing that you have a bad appetite these days, how can you do it if you do n’t eat, you and your baby need nutrition. What do you want to eat? Mom will do it for you.

Mother -in -law: You have to eat more appetite if you have a bad appetite. Everyone has passed like this. If you do n’t eat my grandson, you still have to eat, but you ca n’t be hungry to my grandson.

Drop hair during pregnancy

Mom: Child, are you too nervous, okay, relax, eat well, sleep well, hello, baby.

My mother -in -law said: Why do you have hair everywhere? I cut your hair to cut your hair and not cut it. Now you make your family everywhere.

Outside the delivery room during childbirth

Mom: Praying in heart, God must bless my daughter and child health.

Mother -in -law: How to give birth to so fast, the Bodhisattva blessing must have a big fat boy.

When the child takes it out

Mom: Doctor, the child comes out, what about my girlfriend?It’s okay!

Mother -in -law: Doctor, is it a boy or a girl, is he healthy?

When Bao Ma launched the delivery room

Mom: Running to the daughter immediately, watching the daughter’s weak body will cry, wipe the sweat to the daughter, and encourage comfort.

Mother -in -law: May be looking at the grandson happily.


Mom: You need to eat a little bit after giving birth, which is good for wound recovery. What do you want to eat? Mom will do it for you.

Mother -in -law: Eat more milk for milk, otherwise the milk is not enough, what to do if the baby is hungry.When we bring a child

Mom: Baby obediently, your mother worked hard to buy delicious food for the baby.

Mother -in -law: Baby, your mother does not care about you all day, and the baby will not support her in the future.


Not all the mother -in -law are like this, but as the daughter -in -law said, the mother -in -law is never a mother. If the mother -in -law you meet really hurts you as a daughter, then you really earned.

How about your mother -in -law?


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