After pregnancy, the female celebrity who is too fat is soared for 55 pounds, and some people are close to 190 fat.

Weight management is a basic work that the entertainment actresses are adhering to each other every day. After all, they eat by their faces and figures. If you eat one more meal today, you may have one job opportunity tomorrow.The only time they can eat in their careers are when they are pregnant. Today, Xiao 8 will take stock of six female stars who are out of date due to pregnancy, which makes people dare to believe it.

1. Ma Li

As a funny female artist, the audience demanded that Ma Li’s body was much lower than other female stars. Sometimes Ma Li was a little fat, her face was round, and netizens just smiled.In some cases, this can also add a sense of comedy on her, and it does not affect her career at all.

In fact, Ma Li did a good job in weight management. When she was young, she was smooth and slender, and she was also amazing at a glance.It is just that in recent years, in order to meet the needs of the character, sometimes she needs to gain weight and ugly, so the comedy effect will be more prominent, so she has relaxed a little bit in figure management.

I thought this was what Ma Li was fat. I never expected that she was really fat when she was pregnant.Ma Li is in a height of 1.68 meters, and she is not short among the actresses in the entertainment industry. As soon as she got fat, the whole person seemed very strong.

In the early stages of pregnancy, Ma Li was not out of heaven, and was still within the normal range of rising weight in pregnant women. In the later period, Ma Li’s whole person quickly expanded like a balloon.According to Ma Li herself, in the later period, her weight rose rapidly, close to 190 pounds, and she shocked the chin of a group of netizens.

Even though Ma Li has finished production now, from the perspective of her attendance, she still has not returned to what she looks like before pregnancy. There is a circle of obvious flesh on her belly.Losing weight is not an easy task.

2. Huo Siyan

Huo Siyan is the childhood goddess of the post -90s generation. Who has not seen her "Seven Fairies" she starred in. After the seven fairies she played, she was slim and weak after being abolished.Essence

Later, she changed her pure style and played the charming and enchanting Su Shiji, showing her good figure.To be honest, if Huo Siyan only looked at his face, he would not eat incense on the road of sexy. Even the role of Su Yanji was supported by big makeup.But she couldn’t bear her figure.

But this kind of goddess, because of marriage and pregnancy.Before, her weight remained at about 80 pounds all year round, and there was almost no trace of fat on her body, which was perfect.After she and Du Jiang were together, Du Jiang often feed her delicious food. Unconsciously, Huo Siyan’s face was round, and his jaw line became less clear.

Of course, at this time, she can’t be called fat, but she is slightly fat, and her face is still very online.What makes netizens broken heart is what she looks like after pregnancy. Her face expansion seems to be a steamed bun, and there are more meat on the neck.In physical, fat is indeed outrageous.

Later, Du Jiang revealed the real situation. Huo Siyan had doubled the weight during pregnancy, reaching 160 pounds, and he directly grew himself. It is no wonder that the change was so great.Moreover, her weight increased too quickly, bringing a series of bad impacts to her body. I have to say that it is not easy to be a mother.

3. Zhong Liti

For a long time, Zhong Liti has not been a slender and weak female image in front of the camera. She loves fitness and keeps exercise. She has a more biased heritage to European and American stars.The number of actresses in China’s body is scarce. Her existence makes the audience shine, and there are many people who like her.

Especially the mermaid she starred in, her body is rich, every inch of meat grows to the growing place, and the fitness makes her muscles smooth and does not look relaxed. The powerful fishtail swing every timeThe heart of the audience.

Unfortunately, Zhong Liti’s good figure gradually disappeared with multiple pregnancy.Everyone knows that Zhong Liti gave birth to three children. Each pregnancy has a lot of changes, soaring 55 pounds. Although she has worked hard to exercise and fitness and wants to restore her former figure, she still failed to do so.

The love with Zhang Lunshuo is also a major obstacle to Zhong Liti’s weight loss.Before meeting him, she was constantly frustrated in her feelings. Until she was with him, Zhong Liti recovered the sweetness of love.Anyone who has been in love knows that when he is with his lover, he can’t help sharing food with the other party. This is the case for Huo Siyan and Du Jiang, as well as Zhang Lunshuo Zhong Liti.

In addition, Zhong Liti is older, and her body metabolism is not as strong as when she was young. In recent years, her body shape has become increasing.Seeing her attending the event several times, the fat on her belly was particularly obvious.Let’s say that, since the meat on the stomach can’t be reduced, can we not change a slightly loose clothes? Tight clothes expose her shortcomings.

4. Yuan Yongyi

Yuan Yongyi’s beauty and figure were famous when they were young. After all, they were also people who won the Hong Kong sister champion and the official certified beauty.The facial features are exquisite and small, slender and tall, white and beautiful, and long legs. No matter from which perspective, there is no problem, it is a top beauty who makes people look at it once.

She has a nickname "Liang Liang", which is not her herself, but the sincere sigh of everyone who was stunned by her.When she first debuted, countless crazy bee wave butterflies were attracted by her, and the number of confession letters received was endless, but in the end, she was frightened by her hot temper.Only Zhang Zhilin, boiled frogs in warm water, eventually succeeded in holding the beauty. Because of this, he was praised by Wu Zhenyu to give back to the society.

However, no matter how beautiful the face, no matter how slender, can’t escape the lethality of pregnancy.Yuan Yongyi especially liked to eat during pregnancy. When her mouth was not idle, she had no feeling.Zhang Zhilin was distressed by the hard work of her wife’s pregnancy, and she couldn’t help but want her to eat more good, add nutrition. In this way, Liang Liang was gone forever on the way to get fat.

In the eyes of the lover, no matter how much Yuan Yongyi was fat, Zhang Zhilin felt that she was very beautiful.But others don’t think so. Everyone knows that Hong Kong Coal’s mouth is very sharp. When she gave birth to a child to attend the event, she directly wrote the Hong Kong sister championship into ordinary women. Such a poisonous tongue was really amazing.

Even Yuan Yongyi’s son did not think her mother was good -looking, and said in public, "I don’t understand why people call you pretty", I believe this sentence has absolutely exceeded the criticism of Hong Kong Coal at the time.The child became what it looks like today.Demon boy, you can have snacks.

5. Li Xiang

The former Hunan Taiwan host a sister also came out of the circle by face.During the host of the Hunan Taiwan, Li Xiang deliberately lost weight to maintain his body in order to look good in the photo. In addition, many people like her in Taiwan.

In the end, she chose to step into the palace of marriage with Wang Yuelun and presided over her career to give up.Many people are very unfortunate. After all, her status in Hunan Taiwan is lighter and bright in future. There is no need to give up her career because she gets married.

Probably there is no pressure to go out of the country, coupled with good family situation, and eating and drinking is very particular, Li Xiang gradually got fat after marriage.During the pregnancy, it is even more particular about the soup. You must know that the soup of pregnancy and confinement is the most fat.

Until now, Li Xiang has not succeeded in losing weight, and she is full of attitude in front of the camera.Netizens have no opinion on her, but the way she raises her daughter is quite slight, because Li Xiang made her daughter a narrow version of her.

The former Wang Shiling was so cute. Whoever watched her wanted to hug her, netizens called her to become cute when watching variety shows.But for a few years, she almost made netizens unable to recognize it when she appeared again. She had a fleshy face and a thick arm.Netizens have left a message under the social platform of Li Xiang, letting her return her former cute.

6. Zhang Yiyi

The love between Zhang Yiyi and Yuan Hong is vigorous, and the wedding has also been held lively. Now that the entertainment industry has not found a few weddings, the beauty of the best man can overcome their scenes.

Of course, the face value of the newcomers is the highest. They all say that the woman when she gets the most beautiful, and this sentence is not fake at all.Zhang Yeyi, who was wearing a wedding dress, had long waist and long legs, sweet smile, and had so many beautiful women in the wedding. But no one could cover her. The whole person was shining. At first glance, she married happiness.

A happy woman is always easy to face a problem- "happy fat". Yuan Hong is about to pet Zhang Yiyi on the sky. Sometimes she will cook her delicious food in the middle of the night. How can Zhang Yiyi not be fat?

Zhang Yeyi was even more fat during pregnancy. Everyone knows that the mother’s nutrition loss is serious during pregnancy. If you do not pay attention, you may have a bad impact on both mothers and children.So Yuan Hong spared no effort to feed Zhang Yiyi, for fear that she had a little bit of loss. Such love was really envious.

However, such love makes Zhang Yiyi very burdensome, double chin, bucket waist, Kirin arm, no female star should look at at all. Zhang Yiyi really wants to cry without tears. What can the husband you choose?Usten.

In fact, in addition to the bright and beautiful female stars in front of the camera, there is no difference from others. They will also become fat because of pregnancy, and they have changed tremendous changes with their previous lives.Every mother is respectable. I do n’t need inferiority because I get fat because I am pregnant. After giving birth to a child, I still lose weight. It is still shining.

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