After pregnancy, the first three months is the "dangerous period", and pregnant mothers may encounter these four situations.

Every mother is extremely great, because they are willing to take their lives for their children.Although modern medical technology is very advanced, and the safety of births has been greatly guaranteed, giving birth to children is still a life -threatening process.Not only on the birth of the child, there are many dangers in pregnant women during pregnancy.

As we all know, the first March of pregnancy is a dangerous period. At this time, the fetus has not been steadily, and pregnant women are prone to encounter these four situations.

After the expectant mother is pregnant, it does not mean that they will be able to give birth to the child smoothly.In fact, under the influence of external forces, the problems of pregnant women themselves may also affect the birth of the baby. It is difficult for pregnant women with the following three cases to go to child.

1. Ectopic pregnancy.

What is ectopic pregnancy?

Outreach pregnancy refers to the development of embryos outside the uterus, that is, the child is not in the uterus of a pregnant woman.Medicine shows that ectopic pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy phenomenon, which is very dangerous for pregnant women, and it is also likely to cause major bleeding. In severe cases, it will endanger the life of pregnant women.Therefore, once you find that he is an ectopic pregnancy, pregnant women must immediately stop pregnancy.

2. Fetal malformations were found after pregnancy.

According to data, the ratio of fetal deformity accounts for about 3%of the newborn, and severe malformation may cause death or severe disability of the fetus/newborn.Of course, this does not mean that congenital malformed fetuses have not been born of the right, but the severe deformity of death may endanger the life of pregnant women, rather than a part of the death of death.Intervention.

3. Breakfine abortion.

There are two reasons for threatening abortion: one is that one of the couple has problems with problems, which is inherited to Zi Dai, so that the abortion of pregnant women; the other is caused by the physical factors of the mother.If the mother has menopause, lower body bleeding, and abdominal pain, this is likely to be a sign of a threatened abortion. If this occurs, pregnant women should seek medical treatment in time.

Early pregnancy reactions, simply speaking, about one and a half months of pregnancy, the nausea and vomiting, and dysfunction of pregnant women have symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.These reactions are relatively obvious in individuals. Some pregnant women are more serious, and some pregnant women have no response at all.

Under normal circumstances, these symptoms do not need special treatment. Over time, it is usually about 12 weeks of pregnancy. The appetite of pregnant women will naturally recover and the early pregnancy response disappears.However, if the early pregnancy response is serious, pregnant women must not care about it. They are too patient and need to be hospitalized, because it is likely to affect the health of the mother.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant women may have breast swelling and tingling.This is normal. At the beginning, this pain is like dysmenorrhea, but as the month becomes larger, this pain may be intensified.Pregnant women can consult a doctor to slow down this symptom.

After pregnant women are pregnant, because the intestinal function is weakened, constipation is likely to occur.This also has a certain relationship with the improper diet of pregnant women, so expectant mothers should pay attention to the diet structure during pregnancy, eat more foods with high crude grain and crude fiber content, such as small tomatoes, kiwi, etc., and can also perform appropriate exercise.

All in all, women’s pregnancy is not simple.In October, there was no time to relax. Specific mothers need to pay attention to whether they have the above four situations. If they are unwell, they need to go to the hospital in time.The prospective dad should also care about the mentality and physical health of the pregnant woman in time, even the smallest changes cannot be seen.

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