After pregnancy, the instant noodles, but my husband said: You ca n’t bear even this, you are not worthy of being a mother at all.

Today, Yunyun quarreled with her husband because of a pack of instant noodles, because during pregnancy, Yunyun’s appetite was not very good. Today, I suddenly wanted to eat instant noodles. I was afraid that I was not hesitant to the fetus.In a pack, she deliberately passed the instant noodles twice, and even the seasoning bag only put a little amount. I did not expect that her husband found that Yunyun had eaten instant noodles after work.It is not worthy of being a mother at all! "Yun Yun felt that her husband’s attitude was too bad, so the two quarreled, and she felt very wronged.For pregnant women, instant noodles are really floods. Can’t you touch it?

Pregnant women can eat instant noodles

Some expectant mothers do n’t want to eat anything when they are pregnant. The most rustic is instant noodles. Instant noodles are not floods for pregnant women.Doctors do not recommend pregnant women to eat too much instant noodles because it has no nutrition, pregnant women eat too much, and nutrition will not keep up.And instant noodles are fried foods, and there are many harmful substances in it. If you eat too much, you may have big problems.Therefore, pregnant women can eat instant noodles during pregnancy, but don’t be greedy to avoid affecting the health of herself and fetuses.

Healthy way of eating

(1) The first time the water should be poured.Usually, we eat instant noodles, usually soak water directly, but for pregnant women, it is not enough to simply make a bubble. At least it must be allowed to make the instant noodles.After the water, first swipe these substances.

(2) Try to cook as much as possible.Someone has done experiments, and a pack of instant noodles entering the human stomach can be completely digested after a long time.Cooking and eating can make the instant noodles softer, suck water, and digest the stomach better.

(3) Try not to add seasonings.I believe that many expectant mothers do not agree with this item, because the instant noodles that do not add flavoring bags are incomplete, but for pregnant women, when doing it, try to put some nutritious things like eggs, vegetables, let yourself make yourself yourself.Eat health.If you really ca n’t eat the flavored bag, you ca n’t eat it half, and minimize the hazards of the seasoning bag.

(4) After eating instant noodles, you can eat some other foods to help the gastrointestinal digestion or supplement nutrition in time, minimize the impact of eating instant noodles, or exercise in moderation to help digestion.

Many mothers do n’t care about eating instant noodles when they are pregnant. They think that eating instant noodles often does not have any impact on children. After all, instant noodles are food without nutrients.Good effects, so pregnant women can bear it during pregnancy and eat as little as possible.

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