After pregnancy, the stomach of the fetus is slow?It’s not so terrible

In daily life, we can find an interesting thing: some pregnancy just over five months, it looks like seven months; and some are pregnant for four months, and we can’t see signs of pregnancy at all.Therefore, many expectant mothers have doubts: Isn’t the stomach increasing with the age of pregnancy? Is it not good to develop a small fetus with small belly?

In fact, these worries are superfluous, and everyone’s time is different.The same lunar age after pregnancy, some people have large stomachs, and some people have small stomachs, mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. The body shape of the expectant mother

If the expectant mother is fat, the belly is had a lot of meat, and the abdomen fat is thick, then the belly will definitely be larger.At the same time, the pregnant mother with narrow pelvis is more wide than the pelvic bone, because the fetus protrudes forward, not horizontally.

2. Elimination of amniotic fluid

After pregnancy, the belly is large.The stomach with a large amount of amniotic fluid will have a larger stomach, otherwise it looks smaller.

Third, dietary habits

The growth of the fetus is not necessarily.Some pregnant mothers have severely reduced appetite due to early pregnancy and nausea, and their weight does not increase. In this case, the belly changes are usually not very obvious, but the belly will increase significantly; while some pregnant mothers have a stable growth rate, and some pregnant mothers have a stable growth rate.It looks more in accordance with the age of the moon.

Fourth, fetal number

When you find that your stomach is obviously much greater than the pregnant mother of the same time, it may be pregnant with twins!

There are also some pregnant mothers who look less because of inferring the wrong pregnancy age.So don’t infer the development of the fetus just from the size of the belly. You can determine the height of the uterine bottom.If there is a posture of fetal development, you must follow the doctor’s order one by one. Do not be too anxious and maintain adequate rest and nutrition. If necessary, you should consider hospitalization.

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