After pregnancy, there will be 4 flavors on the pregnant mother, and they will not be able to stand it.

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My friend has been pregnant for more than 7 months. I went to see her yesterday. She told me a particularly embarrassing thing. It turned out that when she took the elevator with her husband a few days ago, some people said that there was a strange smell in the elevator. Friends knew about it.This is talking about yourself.

Although that person was unintentional at the time, there would be strange smells of himself after pregnancy. Many mothers said that there would be a lot of strange taste on her body after pregnancy, which made themselves particularly embarrassing.

In the face of this situation, expectant mothers need not worry too much. In fact, this situation is normal.

1. Sweat

After pregnancy, many mothers find that their bodies are particularly easy to sweat, and they can always smell the smell of sweat every day, especially in summer, making them unbearable.

The main reason for this situation is that the hormone in the body changes, the metabolic speed increases, and the body temperature is higher than before pregnancy, so the body is more likely to sweat. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.In response to this situation, we must do a good job of personal hygiene, take a bath and change my underwear, so as to make yourself comfortable to spend the entire pregnancy.

2, urine flavor

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the uterus will compress the bladder, which weakens the urine storage function in the bladder, causing frequent urination, and may even cause leakage, so you often smell the urine smell on your body.

Although this situation is normal, the urine smell of pregnant mothers can make people feel embarrassed. In response to this situation, it is recommended to take a bath more, or you can put on adult diaper, which can alleviate this embarrassment.

3. Temperature becomes "stinky"

Women’s emotional aspects will change after pregnancy. The abnormal hormone levels cause the mood of pregnant women to be out of control and even become sensitive. Many pregnant women will have depression during pregnancy. There are also pregnant women with obvious pregnancy reactions.Not good.

The pregnant woman who was born at home had to vent her husband. In this case, the family must take care of her patience, especially her husband has enough endurance to face the "stinky" complexion of the pregnant wife.

4. Oral stinky

Oral stinking is what we often say. For pregnant women, this is a very common physiological change. It usually appears in a cold or the body is inappropriate. As a pregnant woman, this series of physical discomfort will lead to the digestive system function function.Obstacles, digestive ability is not as good as usual.

Therefore, the most important part of the digestive system is the oral cavity, and there will be odor. If this happens, you can appropriately increase the frequency of brushing your teeth, or eat some fresh and fragrant foods to improve.

These situations will occur during pregnancy. This is normal. As family members, they must understand them more and soothe their emotions.

With a good mentality, it can better face these difficulties and challenges, and slowly overcome it. Only in order to ensure the healthy development of the fetus and the health of pregnant women during pregnancy.

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