After pregnancy, these 5 types of foods should be eaten as little as possible, which will cause the fetal brain to be damaged. Pregnant mothers need to collect

Xiaohong has been pregnant for 3 months. After a pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, Xiaohong now appetite and want to eat everything, but after pregnancy, do you have to avoid?Which can not be eaten?After pregnancy, these 5 categories of food should be eaten as little as possible, which may cause the fetal brain to be damaged, and the pregnant mother must collect it.

After pregnancy, the appetite changes greatly. I did n’t like to eat it before. Now I want to eat it, but the pregnant mothers need to know that too salty food should not be eaten.Frequent consumption can damage arterial blood vessels, affect blood supply to the brain tissue, not only prone to high blood pressure, but also damage memory.

Eat less food: pickles, spicy sauce, bacon, bean paste, etc.

Frequent taste during pregnancy can easily lead to zinc deficiency in pregnant mothers, and zinc deficiency can cause premature birth. During pregnancy, eat less seasoning. After the baby is born, you should eat less as possible, affecting growth and development.Especially for takeaway food, in order to increase the taste of food, merchants will add a lot of monosodium glutamate to taste, and eat less takeaway during pregnancy.

Eat less food: Dispeller, takeaway, takeaway, fast food, frozen semi -speed food.

Generally, long -term exposure and cooking oil temperatures above 200 ° will form oxide lipids, and this substance will cause premature brain. Try not to eat during pregnancy. Occasionally, it is okay to solve it.

Eat less food: smoked fish, sausages, fries, burgers.

Leading categories are extremely serious to the brain. We all know that when we have the habit of biting pencils, teachers and parents will reprimand, mainly because lead will kill brain cells and damage the brain.Some foods are relatively lead and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Eat less food: popcorn, pine eggs, beer.

Aluminum -containing foods cannot be eaten for a long time. Excessive aluminum intake can cause the human body to damage neurological function, memory loss, anemia, osteoporosis and other symptoms. After aluminum enters the human body, it will also inhibit the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.Don’t let these foods be destroyed.

Eat less food: oil cake, scorched ring, crispy, sea cricket, etc.

In fact, except for the above five categories, most of the foods can be eaten during pregnancy. The entire pregnancy is about nutritional balance. Therefore, do not prefer a certain food for a long time, and ensure that more than 25 kinds of food per day is ideal.

You can eat some walnuts, peanuts, grains, onions, spinach, milk, daylily, animal offal, seafood, etc.It is worth noting that it is said that eating baby fish will become smarter. In fact, you must also choose fresh and low mercury categories. Try to cook as much as possible.In addition, do not challenge to eat or not be familiar with it. This is easy to cause allergies.

Parenting Parenting Message:

The diet during pregnancy is critical. According to the evaluation of scientists, genetic impact on fetal intelligence accounts for about 50%, and the rest should be developed by the day after tomorrow. During pregnancy, the fetal brain development is "golden period", and the diet cannot be careless.

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