After pregnancy, these changes will usually happen in pregnant women’s breasts.

Most women are particularly happy after knowing that they are pregnant.However, as the fetus increases, the pregnant mother will become more and more distressed, not only because of the annoying pregnancy reaction, the special changes in the chest will also make the expectant mothers feel embarrassed.However, reminding pregnant mothers not to worry about these things, because the chest changes in "ugly", it just shows that the fetus is very healthy.


After women are pregnant, estrogen in the body will suddenly rise, which will cause breasts to slowly start to grow.However, the muscles on both sides of the chest are limited. If the breasts of the pregnant mothers are gradually growing and larger, the chest will sag.If you do n’t want postpartum chest sagging, the pregnant mother should choose a comfortable and better underwear for themselves when she is pregnant.Now in summer, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can choose the stealth breasts that are more popular now.I want to be better than ordinary breastfeeding underwear, this invisible breastfeeding underwear has no traces, avoiding the embarrassment of leakage of underwear in summer in summer, and the cup uses plastic molding process to prevent the chest from sagging.Tightness.


Pregnant mothers usually have breast swelling and pain, which is closely related to the changes in the body’s hormones.After pregnancy, the gradual increase in progesterone will stimulate the continuous expansion of the mothers’ breast ducts, and the pregnant mother will feel swelling and tingling.In fact, don’t worry too much. This is a good phenomenon. This can ensure that the mother’s milk flow is relatively unobstructed after feeding.However, if the mother wearing a shirt during pregnancy is too tight or the underwear is not suitable, it will increase the swelling of the chest. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose soft, loose and comfortable clothes when they usually dress.

Areola has a pimple

Careful pregnant mothers can find that as the chest is getting larger and larger, there will be many large and small white particles on the areola.In fact, this is not a condition, and a small number of breast duct exports gathered at the areola.These small particles can secrete some lubricating substances to avoid cracking of the nipples, and when the baby is born to eat milk, these particles also have a good protective effect on the baby’s mouth and lips.Although these small particles are ugly, there are many benefits, and expectant mothers don’t dislike them.

Nipple becomes bigger and black

As the pregnancy time is getting longer and longer, the nipples on the chest will become larger and larger. Some pregnant mothers will find that the nipples that usually have a small nipple change are about the same size as the pacifier.The preparation of breastfeeding, the nipple becomes larger, and the baby will be more convenient when breastfeeding.In addition, after pregnancy, the changes in estrogen and progesterone in the mother’s body will promote the secretion of melanin in the body, so the nipples will turn black, but after giving birth to the baby, the body hormone level is balanced, this situation will be relieved to be relievedEssence

In fact, some changes in breasts after pregnancy will make mothers feel distressed, but some phenomena actually prepare for breastfeeding for the baby. Do n’t be nervous, calm their minds, and usually treat them.

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