After pregnancy, these two "cars" drive carefully, which is not good for yourself and your baby

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Driving has two meanings in the era of pan -networking, one is really driving, and the other is pointing to the same room.Interestingly, neither of these two behaviors can do it. The reason why I think of this point is because they have made an oolong with friends.

My friend has been pregnant for 7 months, and her temperament is straightforward. She is brave. One day, my friend sent a message saying that she and her husband quarreled because she wanted to drive her husband to let me not let me. This sentence gave me a fog.I thought she said that driving was another meaning, and she thought about why she was so big when she was in the third trimester.

My friend immediately said that it was tearing with me at the door of the restaurant.

I asked: You think about it, you must pay attention to the second trimester of pregnancy. You have to be at the door of the restaurant. As soon as you come out, my friend called me directly.After eating, her husband drank wine, and he had to call him on behalf of him. She wanted to save some money and would drive herself.

As a result, her husband said nothing, and said her directly in the restaurant, not leaving her face.

The driving she said is really different from what I want to drive. I immediately said that I was guilty and thought too much.

However, my friend said that when she said another car, she was holding a big belly. Her husband wanted to be in the same room. She was uncomfortable, and the example of An Lingrong in "Zhen Huan Biography" was surrounded by her mind.Once, her mother -in -law chopped her head and covered her husband. She said that her husband did not understand that aspect, and it was also a quarrel from the various taboos in the third trimester since then.

Such misunderstandings are more funny than paragraphs in life, but the precautions inside Baoma cannot ignore it.

1) It will increase the nervousness of the pregnant mother

Moms in the third trimester have become bigger and bigger, and their bodies are becoming more and more heavy.Usually, a few steps are panting.At the same time, there will be a series of physical reactions, such as poor sleep, no appetite, poor spirit, and so on.Under such conditions, naturally I do n’t want to have the same room. Many Baoma just to meet her husband.

And near the due date, mothers will be particularly nervous and feel a little heavy. Under such emotional influence, mothers will not have any interest in the same room.They only hope to let their children be born safely. If at this time, they have to be in the same room.

2) The uterus drops, the uterine mouth is opened, and it is easy to infect

One month before the due date, there must be no husband and wife life.The due date is approaching, that is, the baby is fully developed and is going to come out of the mother’s belly.

Therefore, the mother’s uterus will gradually decrease, and the palace mouth will slowly open.At the same time, it also means that the ability to resist bacteria decreases. If at the same room at this time, it will easily lead to infection.

Infection in the third trimester is an important reason for premature birth. In addition to the same room, mothers do not pay attention to personal hygiene can also lead to infection.

Therefore, in the third trimester, although the baby has been developed completely, he is very fragile, almost without any resistance, and any small infection may cause major diseases and even cause fetal death.Moms must pay attention.

So, how to solve sexual needs when you are pregnant?

of course?Of course it is tolerance.

Moms’ belly is getting bigger and bigger, especially in the third trimester, the body swells to a certain extent, and it is more likely to cause accidents.If the mothers are driving and accidentally encounter an accident, the stomach may encounter the steering wheel, even if it is just a small rear -end or sudden braking, it is easy to bring irreversible harm to the pregnant mother.

Moreover, when the baby develops to a certain degree, the mother’s sciatic nerve will be compressed.Both feet are prone to numbness. In this case, there is no way to control the accelerator brake clutch.Imagine if you need to brake, you ca n’t perceive your feet, what tragedy will happen.

In addition, driving needs to be concentrated.During pregnancy, the most taboo is mental tension.If the mother maintains a high concentration for a long time, it will have a adverse effect on the baby.

Therefore, mothers should try not to choose to drive by themselves.Nowadays, transportation and taxis are good choices.

If you are a mother in the early pregnancy, you can choose to drive.But pay attention to safety, the seat belt must be tied well, you can put some soothing music to relax yourself.In order to prevent pregnancy, you can open the window properly and breathe fresh air.If mothers are motion sick, it is not recommended to drive or travel by car, which will aggravate the pregnancy reaction.

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