After pregnancy, try not to eat the two parts of the fish.

Fish is a very common food in daily life, because the nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and amino acids rich in fish are very helpful for the nerve development of the fetus, so often listen to people.It is smarter; in addition, eating more fish can also reduce the chance of premature birth.Since there are so many benefits to eating fish, is it any part of the fish, can pregnant mothers eat it with peace of mind?

The answer is not sure. Although the fish is good, the pregnant mother should try to avoid these two parts, otherwise it will not only hurt the body of the pregnant mother, but also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

One: fish gall

Regarding fish gall, the most famous moment should be in the story of "Sailing Sale". It is such a bitter thing that will be used by many people to make medicine and treat some trauma.Bile is rich in hydrocyric acid, which may be more toxic than cream.

Some people may accidentally break the gallbladder when killing the fish. At this time, don’t think that as long as the fish is cleaned and then cooked at high temperature, the fish gall is not harmful.The toxic component is likely to be restored to the fish. After the pregnant mother eats fish with fish gall, it will not only hurt themselves and the fetus.The danger of premature birth.

Two: fish head

When eating fish, many people like to eat the part of the fish head. Where can I eat and make up? After eating the fish, the intelligence of themselves and the baby may have risen a lot.In fact, the fish head contains a lot of mercury elements. After the pregnant mother consumes too much mercury, mercury poisoning will occur. Excessive mercury element will also affect the nerve development of the fetal treasure, which will damage the fetal treasure’s brain.Essence

When eating fish, in addition to paying attention to avoid fish gall and fish head parts on the fish, we must also pay attention to the practice of fish. Don’t try it easilyEssence

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