After pregnancy, what should I do if I have high blood glucose and suffer from pregnancy diabetes?An article tells you

Some Baoma finds that blood sugar has risen after pregnancy. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that she suffered from gestational diabetes. The gestational diabetes here refers to women who have no blood sugar and diabetes before pregnancy.Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar.

You must know that once pregnant mothers suffer from pregnancy diabetes, they need to pay attention to many things in life to avoid the continuous rise of blood sugar and adversely affect the fetus.

So how do women judge whether they have gestational diabetes?This requires women to go to the hospital for orally, glucose sugar tolerance tests to judge.

Checking time: Generally check whether there are gestational diabetes?At the 24th to 28th weeks after pregnancy, or after 28 weeks.

Examination method: The pregnant mother is going to the hospital to check for a normal meal three days before, but it takes eight hours on the day of the examination.Doctors will take blood once in the case of women, and then let pregnant mothers drink 300 ml of sugar water.Starting from the first sip of sugar water from the pregnancy mother, the first hour, the second hour, the blood draw, and the test three times to complete the examination.


When you go to the hospital for examination, you must not be afraid of the diet a few days before the examination.This is not conducive to the intake of physical nutrition.On the day of the inspection, remember to drink the first glass of sugar water in five minutes, and do not exercise excessively during inspection.

Oral glucose and sugar resistance test.

Emptor blood glucose <5.1 mmol/L;

1 hour after a meal <10.0 mmol/L;

2 hours after a meal <8.5 mmol/L.

As long as any of the above three results meet or exceed this standard, you can diagnose gestational diabetes.

Once diagnosed with gestational diabetes, women have to start using blood glucose instruments in their lives, and they can test their peripheral blood sugar value when they come.Seven points a day to measure their blood sugar. Pregnant mothers diagnosed with hyperglycemia If the blood sugar is not controlled well, and expectant mothers who use insulin treatment during pregnancy, the seven time points of blood glucose measured daily include three meals before three meals.Half an hour and two hours after three meals and night blood sugar.

Seven points of blood glucose at a weekly measurement: Pregnant mothers who have been treated with insulin should be monitored at least seven days a week to monitor seven points of blood glucose, and the amount of insulin has been adjusted according to its blood sugar value.

Test 4 points of blood glucose once a week: Pregnant mothers who do not need to use insulin to control blood sugar may recommend at least once a week to monitor blood sugar, including empty blood sugar and two hours of blood sugar after three meals.A total of four measurements.

"Mother Sugar" needs to pay attention when measuring blood sugar:

Blood glucose monitor should be used correctly to correctly correct it to ensure that the measurement results are accurate.After the measurement, you must make detailed blood sugar records, and adjust the dose of insulin according to your blood sugar value.Two hours after meals, blood sugar was two hours after the first meal starting from the prospective mother, instead of starting time after eating.

According to the measurement value of the urinary ketone body, you can help expectant mothers to discover the energy of their energy, and can also detect diabetic ketone acid poisoning early and get treatment in time.

If women suddenly have unknown nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc., or if the blood sugar is particularly unsatisfactory, they should go to the hospital to check the urine body in time.If the blood glucose of expectant mothers is particularly high, it will have a bad impact on the baby, so the blood glucose situation should be strictly monitored in life.

Generally, your blood glucose should be controlled in the following range:

Before meals (or empty) blood glucose ≤ 5.3 mmol/L;

2 hours after meals ≤ 6.7 mmol/L;

Night blood glucose ≥ 3.3 mmol/L.

If the diet control, the blood glucose during pregnancy still does not meet the above normal standards, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to let the doctor decide whether to use insulin to control blood sugar.

how about you?Do you know what should I do if I have pregnancy diabetes after pregnancy?The rise of blood sugar during pregnancy has a certain impact on the health of the baby. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth production, gestational diabetes should be screened on time during pregnancy, and your blood sugar should be rationally controlled.Specific mothers who have already suffered from gestational diabetes do not have to worry too much. As long as they control blood sugar according to the doctor in time, they will not cause too much adverse effects on the baby.

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