After pregnancy, where did the internal organs of pregnant mothers go?A picture tells you that what is the mother is just

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Each organ in the human body has its fixed position, and they play their own functions in their own position.By cooperating with each other, the body can keep healthy.However, when the position of a organs in the body changes, other parts will be more affected and significant changes.Among them, when women are pregnant, the changes in various internal organs in the body are the most obvious.

When a woman is pregnant, the child will absorb the nutrition in the mother and slowly grow.When the size of the fetus grows to a certain degree, it will cause a certain oppression of various internal organs in the mother, such as the lungs, stomach, intestines, spine, etc., leading to a significant displacement.

Where will the internal organs move in the body after women are pregnant?

This picture obviously see that the changes in various internal organs in the pregnant mother’s body make people clearly understand what is the mother.

1) Gastrointestinal changes

The fetus develops in the mother’s body, and as the uterus increases, the pressure of the stomach and intestines will gradually increase.Therefore, many pregnant mothers will have adverse reactions such as loss of appetite and bloating.And in order to give the fetus enough room for growth, the stomach and stomach will start to move upwards under the compression of the uterus.

Due to the smaller space where the space is, the gastrointestinal and stomach will have uneven distribution.Under this change, the intestinal peristalsis will slow down, and it will cause inconvenience to the pregnant mother when the diet is convenient.

2) Changes in the lungs

Many women have chest tightness and poor breathing during pregnancy, and this is mainly caused by the compression caused by the uterus to the lungs during the growth of the fetus.As the uterus of the fetal volume increases, the space occupied by the lungs will gradually become smaller.Therefore, women breathe during pregnancy to a certain extent, especially when lying down at night and falling asleep.

3) Changes in the spine

In addition to the increase in the volume of the fetus, its weight has gradually increased in the development of the fetus.This causes some compression to the spine. When the pressure suffered by the spine is too heavy, many pregnant women will feel back pain and do not keep upright for a long time.

1) In terms of breathing

In order to be able to breathe more smoothly, pregnant mothers should not take a flat way while sleeping, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of breathing. Pregnant mothers should try to use the side of the side. In addition, pay attention to keeping the upper body when sitting standing.stand upright.Pay attention to sufficient rest in daily life, take appropriate walking outdoors, and fresh air outdoors, which can relieve the discomfort in breathing.If the situation is too serious, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time.

2) Dietary

The changes in the stomach lead to a poor appetite in the stomach. Pregnant mothers can choose their favorite ingredients to mobilize their appetite.But do not use too much salty, sweet or too greasy food.Pay attention to the balanced mix of coarse grains and fine grains, and do not have partial eclipse or picky eaters, otherwise it will cause insufficient nutrition for the fetus.

In addition, you can pay attention to eat less and eat less when your appetite is poor.Do not let the stomach be full or too empty, and promote the normal digestion of the stomach.

During pregnancy, it is extremely hard for pregnant mothers. At this stage, we must pay attention to changes in their bodies.Once there is any bad situation, you must consult the doctor in a timely manner.In all aspects of diet, living habits, etc., it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments according to your physical condition, so that the body can better adapt to various changes during pregnancy.

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