After pregnancy, you must adhere to 5 good habits, and the pregnant mother’s skin is good and the baby is still healthy

Who said that pregnancy must be suffering!Maybe it can be an opportunity to condition the body.

1 Do not stay up late, sleep for 9 hours a day.

There is a reaction in the early pregnancy that is drowsiness. It is the least at least to sleep for 8 hours a day. If you are sleepy, you want to lie down for a while. If you walk tired and walk for a while, you want to lie down for a while.It’s definitely more than 9 hours together.And it was trapped from one to ten o’clock in the evening. I could fall asleep as soon as I lay down, and the quality of sleep became better.

I couldn’t help but play with my mobile phone. Now I do n’t have to restrain myself. I fell asleep in a while. The skin is visible to the naked eye, and there is no need to remove yellow products.

2 Eat a lot of high sugar and high oil foods because of the reaction during pregnancy.

There is a test of sugar during pregnancy, that is, blood sugar before meals. One hour after meals, two hours of blood sugar. This examination is actually not painful, but the majority of pregnant mothers are still very scared and the color of smell changes.Once found out, there is risk of gestational diabetes, which will adversely affect yourself and your baby, and you must control your diet very strictly.

So in order to keep yourself on this road, you have paid more attention to controlling your diet since you were pregnant (I used to drink two cups of milk tea a day now for a maximum of half a month).The month is allowed to eat it once.

and!Because I can’t smell the oil fume during pregnancy, the heavy taste of Xiang cuisine that I love to eat before can not eat it!No one bite!Intersection

Therefore, the whole eats very lightly, drink porridge, eat vegetables, and eat nothing to eat.

It’s really good for skin.EssenceEssenceThere is not much fatter during pregnancy.EssenceEssence

3 walking more, more exercise

First, at least 10,000 steps a day.

You don’t have to exercise before weight loss, just a few hungry meals.But now I ca n’t be hungry at all. I ’m hungry after two or three hours after eating, so I can only eat less meals and do more exercise.

Until 30 weeks, I have only increased by 10 pounds throughout my pregnancy. Although I can’t compare with pregnant women who don’t have a pound of meat, I am very satisfied.

4 Iron supplement blood supplementation calcium supplementation

During pregnancy, various examinations are required, blood routine, urine routine, bone density, and electrocardiogram, so you can know what changes in your body.

For example, I have moderate anemia in the early pregnancy, and hemoglobin is very low.Then I started to replenish it crazy, drink iron mouth, eat calcium tablets, and various vitamins.It’s really a bit useful. By the time of pregnancy, my hemoglobin came up, and all kinds of values were normal.

In fact, anemia is not anemia. I usually can’t feel it. I always think that my body is very good and strong.But after making up for it, I can feel that the whole person’s mental state is better, and it is easier to concentrate at attention (it is useless to drink American ginseng red ginseng every day)

Then the whole complexion is better, of course, the skin condition is better.

5 Keep your mood happy

In the end, this is a bit metaphysical. In order to make the baby in the stomach develop a better development, it is best for mothers to maintain a good mood. Don’t be angry (?

I don’t know if there is a scientific basis.Anyway, since I was pregnant, I would try to avoid everything that might make me angry.

Just the energy burst hahahaha!

Therefore, the skin condition is very stable. Even if I have no allergies in spring, the red blood is much better.

The above are all real experience sharing.Even if you are not pregnant, adjust your life according to these methods, which is more expensive than using skin care products!Try it!You can see the effect for half a year, and become a more beautiful self!

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