After sexual life, urgency and dysuria. Be careful about this disease that prefers women

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First question


I always want to pee, but there is very little each time.There will be pain in the lower abdomen, accompanied by bleeding, and occasionally can’t hold urine.

I have a gynecological inflammation at the same time, and the medication has been for almost a year. The above symptoms start from yesterday.

Second question


After urination, I still want to urinate, and I feel like I have a belly of urine, and my lower abdomen is always swollen.

Hu Rong, obstetrics and gynecology:

Hello, thank you very much for your trust. I have read the situation in detail. Wait a while, I will reply in detail in the next one. Do n’t reply to my information for the time being before I reply, so as not to waste the opportunity.

Hu Rong, obstetrics and gynecology:

Hello, considering the possibility of urinary tract infection from the current situation, it is caused by bacteria invasion of the urethra. For young women, there are common causes of urinary tract infection:

时 Urine and not go to the toilet in time.

拭 Wipe the direction when you urinate and wipe it forward from the anus to pollute the urethra to invade the bacteria.

生活 If there is sexual life, sexual life is not noticed, or in the process of sexual life, bacteria invade the urethra causes urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infection is not difficult to treat. After the infection is found, you can take sensitive antibiotics, such as oral worship, 0.4 g, once a day, take one week, or phospholly, 3 g, once a day, take three days, or the head* ester tablets, 0.125 g, twice a day, eat for a week.

Don’t worry too much, not serious urinary tract infections should be cured quickly after medication.

During the treatment, drink more water, go to the toilet, and eat less sweets.Normally, pay attention to life. Do not urinate or go to the toilet. If you have sex, you need to be suspended during treatment.After the sexual life, you should urinate in time after sex, and use the scouring effect of urine to flush bacteria out to reduce the probability of urinary tract infection.

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