After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant, the baby stayed or flowed?

Ms. Li was 32 years old. In mid -May, she went to the gynecology department of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital due to delayed menstruation. She found that she was pregnant. She learned that her baby had not had time to be happy.Many months ago, I took 5 paid Chinese medicine because of low back pain, and because of sore throat, I took all the beings for three days. I said that I could not take medicine on the Internet, which would cause my baby to deform or miscarriage. Miss Li was very anxious.

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With doubt, Ms. Li’s recommendation at the gynecologist went to the Pharmaceutical Consultation Clinic of the Second People’s Hospital of Shenzhen to find a professional Chinese medicine medicine to assess whether the drug would affect the embryo.After listening to Miss Li carefully describing the medication process, Chinese medicine divisions analyzed in detail about the Chinese medicine and the composition, dose of Zhongsheng pills taken by Ms. Li.Check the traditional Chinese medicine prescription used by patients containing pregnancy contraindications of traditional Chinese medicine: cinnamon 3g*5 days, vinegar milk 5g*5 days; all beings pills contain pregnancy contraindications of Chinese medicine: artificial beef yellow 0.24g*3 days, Dannan star 0.36g*3 days, tiger sticks, tiger sticks1.56g*3 days, ceiling 1.2g*3 days.

Chinese medicine artists said that pregnancy contraindications of Chinese medicine refers to Chinese medicine that can easily cause abortion and damage the fetus, lead to endless pregnancy; or cause the fetus to develop abnormalities; or damage the qi and blood of pregnant women; or to adversely affect the adverse effects of the production process.

According to the different degrees of toxicity, slow medicinal strength, and the degree of damage to the fetal element, it is divided into three categories: disabled, avoiding medicine and cautious medicine.(See the attached table)



"Chinese Pharmacopoeia" (one of the 2020 edition) collected Chinese medicine

Disabilities of pregnancy (35 types)

Most of the traditional Chinese medicines with highly toxic or fierce performance, and all Chinese medicines disabled are absolutely unavailable.

Poppy shell.

Avoid medicine (2 types)

Pregnancy avoided drugs.

Tianshan Snow Lotus, Big Sapgap

Use medicine with caution (60 kinds)

Including some traditional Chinese medicines such as promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, stagnation of qi and stagnation, attacking the laxative, hotness and slippery profits.The drug nature is violent or "downward", which needs to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and use it with caution.

Knee, ginger, magothera (L -stroke), Bai Ainzi, Xuanming Powder, Gleef, Xishunhua, Huashan Ginseng, Birin (Summary of the Castle), Salon, Su Mu, Peony Skin, in vitro, Yu Li Ren, Golden Iron Locks, Balla, Cao Wu Ye, Coriander Shell, Crossing Shishi, Yuzhou Leading, Yu Yuliang, Great Expense, Guizhi, Peach Ren, Lingxiao Flower, Motherwort, Tongcao, Yellow Revoic Flowers, Changshan, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xie Leaf, Fan Xieya, Fan Xieye,Puhuang, leak reeds, vermiculite, Qu Mai, toad crisp, small bone, flying grass, aconite, grasshopper, aloe vera, no medicine, soap alum, coix seed.

After the eggs are fertilized, the development of embryos and fetus is divided into three stages: early embryo, embryo period, and fetal stage.The early embryo is a non-sensitive period, and the time is 28 days after the last menstruation, that is, 0-2 weeks of pregnancy. This period is called the early period of differentiation.The influence of teratogenic factor on the early period of differentiation is "all or none": either the embryo died due to the influence of the damage to the drug (all); or the fetus was not affected by the drug (none).

The pharmacist analyzes that patients take frankincense and cinnamon from April 10th to April 14th, and one week before the fertilization or the next week; the time to take Zhongsheng pills is April 26th-April 28th, and the last menstrual period is April 1stThe time to take the medicine is in a non -sensitive period.During this period, embryos are relatively sensitive to teratogen.

Chinese medicine divisions said that the traditional Chinese medicines taken by Ms. Li are used for pregnancy with caution. They belong to the traditional Chinese medicine classification of Chinese medicines such as well -promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, stagnation and stagnation, clearing heat and diarrhea, Xinwen and other effects.None of the effects of toxicity or obvious teratogenic effects.

In addition, Ms. Li took the decoction of Chinese medicine drinking tablets before or after the fertilization or one week after fertilization. Taking all beings as the embryonic period, which is the whole or no period, which is relatively not sensitive to the teratogen.Therefore, considering the risk of adverse pregnancy in the patient’s medication, it is recommended to continue pregnancy.Go to the health manual of pregnant women on time, and regular prenatal examinations.It is also recommended that patients change their own medication habits during pregnancy, have any discomfort to seek medical treatment in time, and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.At the same time, maintain a good attitude and mood to welcome the baby’s arrival.After listening to the analysis of the pharmacist, Miss Li’s hanging heart finally let go!

In the end, the Chinese Medicine Department of the Ministry of Pharmacy of the Second People’s Hospital of Shenzhen stated that whether the medication during pregnancy will cause harm to the fetus, it should be comprehensively evaluated according to factors such as the type of medication, the age of time, and exposure dosage during the medication.Due to the complex clinical and large differences in individuals, if there is a problem with medication during pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist to comprehensively evaluate it in combination with your own situation.

Supply: Department of Pharmacy, Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital

Release: Health Mission Department of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital

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