After the autumn, eat radish and cabbage, it is better to eat it, put it in the refrigerator, and eat from autumn to winter

Hello everyone, I am Nobita. In the coming of autumn, many ingredients will start to sell them. Among many vegetables, there is a vegetable that is particularly worth buying.

This kind of vegetable is spinach. Autumn spinach is particularly tender. It is very appetite to look at it. Whether it is used for cooling or cooking, it is very suitable.

Why is it worth buying?Among spinach, it is rich in nutrients. There are more than a dozen nutrients in it, and there are more than a dozen, especially the components of pinented, which is particularly needed by women.

In addition to this reason, in the other three seasons, it is difficult to buy spinach. Even if there is, it is not tender and the price is not cheap. Therefore, when the spinach is fresh and cheap now, buy more and save it to save slowly.

In autumn, spinach, its nutrition will be higher than other times, because the sunlight it receives will be more sufficient, and the lutein inside it is richer.

After entering the autumn, our skin is particularly dry, and it will also be trapped in autumn. Eyes will be more susceptible to fatigue. At this time, eating more spinach can make our eyes not dry and tired, thereby alleviating many many autumn in autumn.Bad situation.

Operation method:

1. The spinach that is bought back, we must put it all into the large basin, wash it with saline first, and then wash it for the second time with clean water.

2. After washing, cut the spinach into a small paragraph according to the way you like, and cut it in the sieve for later use.

3. Then boil the water, boil the small half pot of water, and after the water is fully boiled, drip a few drops of oil into the pot, then put a little salt, and then pour all the spinach sections into the pot to simmer water.

4. The time for simmering water should not be too short or too long. After simmering, remove it with a large spoon and drain the water, and let it cool.

5. Wait for the spinach to cool and cool the hand, prepare some plastic wrap, or keep a fresh -keeping bag, separate the spinach section according to the amount of one meal and one meal, and then seal the package.

6. After all the spinach segments are wrapped, then all these spinach buns are placed in the freezer of the refrigerator, and freezing is preserved.

7. Operation according to the above methods, spinach can be stored for a few months, and the taste and color of spinach will not change at all.

Ingredients: oyster sauce, salt, spinach, minced garlic, a small amount of pork

Operation method:

1. Buy a handful of fresh spinach, wash it, and cut it into a small section of it. After handling it, put it on the plate for later use.

2. There must be garlic that is indispensable for fried spinach, so we need to prepare more garlic cloves, chop it into minced garlic, and then put 2 yuan of pork to cut it into slices.

3. Prepare the ingredients, just simmer the spinach, then you can stir -fry, add edible oil to the pot, add the oil to the meat slices, stir -fry the oil and the pork color change, continue to add minced garlic, after the garlic flavor is fried,, Syllaxy the spinach.

4. After simply stir -fry, add oyster sauce and a little salt to adjust the flavor, stir -fry the seasonings into spinach, and use a shovel to fill the pan.

The above method of preservation of spinach, and food recommendations, will be shared here. If you help you, help Naxiong to pay attention to it, click a collection, and share it.

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