After the drug flow, pay attention to these 5 points, the body is healthier

Drug flow is a way of abortion. By taking drugs, the effect of excretion of women in the embryo is used.After the drug flow, women usually need to strengthen nutrition, because this method will definitely hurt the body.Therefore, how to maintain the body after the drug flow and restore the body to a healthy state is what women should pay attention to.Female friends who have finished medicine are very weak, and they are generally used to use food supplements to condition. After the drug flow, they should eat foods that are nutritious and easy to digest after the drug flow.

What should I eat after the drug flow?The specific analysis is as follows:

1. First of all, it must be known that after abortion, it cannot eat irritating food and cold food.Stimulating foods such as pepper, wine, vinegar, pepper, ginger, etc., such foods can irritate the congestion of organs, and absolutely do not eat cold food such as crab, field snails, and river mussels.

2. Drinking some motherwort can help the uterus shrink.This is very practical, and Motherwort is also very common, and can be purchased in major hospitals.When I just bought it, according to the doctor’s order to determine the number of times I took. Drinking motherwort after the drug flow is an essential step for women.

3. Eat more foods containing protein and vitamins, which is conducive to postpartum body recovery.For example, when you buy eggs with protein, when you buy eggs, you choose the home -raised eggs instead of the eggs produced by the feed breeding in the supermarket.Secondly, vitamins should be supplemented, so eat more vegetables and fruits.

4. Drink some brown sugar water and fast things to fast.Brown sugar is very useful for women with blood and beauty.In addition, fasting things, even after the drug flow, even if it is usually, some girls can’t help but eat popsicles during menstruation.A weak body.If the body is attacked by cold, it will hurt the body very much. Women after the drug flow should pay attention to keeping warm and cold.

5, brown sugar glutinous rice yam porridge.The simpler approach is to make yam and boil with glutinous rice. When it is about to open the pan, add brown sugar. This method can play a good role in nourishing blood.Slowly simmering can be out of the pot until the glutinous rice is rotten. This kind of liquid food is rich in nutrition and digestion, and it is also very suitable for women after the drug flow.

Care for health and maintain good body. This is the career of women’s life.It is necessary to treat it specially in a special period, and only in this way can you spend a special type of sensitive period.After the drug flow, women must care about themselves and care for their own bodies at all times, so as to have a healthy body and finally gain a happy life.

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