After the liberalization of Chongqing, the old parents and the pregnant woman in August of pregnancy, the family of four is Yang, and there is no help

Her family is in Chongqing and has been closed for more than 20 days before.Just test it every day as required.

As a result, the day before the unblocking, because the mother was closely connected, it was positive.

Later, the old father was transmitted by his mother. After self -test, he was also positive.

They were all under the eaves. Soon, she was positive because her mother took care of her diet because her mother took care of her diet.

Subsequently, her husband also tested positive.

At this point, the family of four, all positive in the unblocking pass.

If you detect positive, everyone will worry, especially when you are 8 months pregnant, if you affect your belly child, it will be too regrettable.

Therefore, they immediately contacted the community, first calling, but the phone could not be turned on.

So it was 12345, and then the prevention and control office and the health department could not be contacted.In this change of the barrier, there is no help for help, and you can’t sleep at all.

I ca n’t contact the community, I ca n’t hold it hard, so she went downstairs with her big belly and went to the door of the community to find Dabai. I wanted to know how to deal with it.

Originally, she wanted to ask her husband to ask, for fear of being pulled away, so she went downstairs with her big belly, so that even if there was a problem, she would not be hard to think.

Da Bai looked at this, and did not dare to make a decision, so he had to call.After contacting a lot of people, tell her that home isolation.

When she heard the news, she was dazed, and she didn’t pay attention at once. What can home isolation be done?Will the children in the stomach be affected?How long is the isolation?How to recover?I do n’t know, I know it is isolation at home.How to disinfect at home?

She does it every day to disinfect her home many times a day

During the isolation, she recorded the daily status and shared it. It is better to find out.

On the first day of positive (do not know positive, antigen test negative):

The whole body is soft, weak, and feels painful. I have no strength to walk, and I can’t drag my feet, like walking with sand bags.

Sleeping at night was not good, nose congestion and seven or eight times at night.

On this day, I don’t know positive, because the family antigen test is negative, and it has actually been contagious.After recalling the external contact, it is almost determined that the mother is the source.

The second day of positive (antigen test positive):

This day’s antigen test shows weak positive and feels nervous.

Accompanied by a whole day’s headache, dry cough, sore limbs, and pain.

Her parents and her husband ate Lianhua Qing Plague, but she was a pregnant woman. She was afraid that she would not eat it when she was not good about the children in the belly.This is also a way to hear.

Pregnant woman

On the third day of positive:

Compared with the day before yesterday, everyone feels almost the same, that is, the cough is even more powerful.

As a pregnant woman, she felt more chest tightness and felt unable to breathe.Fortunately, there is oxygen at home, and oxygen is better.

Her husband didn’t cough very much, but his temperature was relatively high and he had been diarrhea.

On this day, the whole family tested, the antigen showed two obvious bars.

The fourth day of positive:

The two elderly people have slowed a lot. As a pregnant woman, she not only coughed, but also started running nose, but her whole body hurt a lot.

Her husband’s body temperature is normal during the day, and her temperature is high at night.At 3 o’clock in the morning, he also physical cooling was also given, and it was not descended until 6 o’clock in the morning.

Bring a mask

It can only be said that this prospective mother is really brave. These situations are obviously not ordinary cold headache and brain heat, or they must be heavier.

And for the child in the belly, she insisted on drinking only water to deal with.In fact, this is a recommended method for many personnel to prevent and control.

I believe that such a strong and brave expectant mother will soon be survived.I also hope that the children in the stomach will not be affected.

As us, if one day the accident is positive, don’t panic, first seek help and accept the control, in any case, drinking more water is good.

Of course, more importantly, we usually do personal protection.

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