After the Morning News 丨 Do not check the nuclear acid negative proof, the reporter measured major places in Shanghai; the pregnant mother is Yang, will it affect the baby?Expert answer; Shanghai laun

In order to implement 10 measures to further optimize the prevention and control of epidemic situations, starting from December 9, except for pension institutions, children’s welfare institutions, medical institutions, schools (including childcare institutions), etc., the city is closedPlaces and catering service places will no longer check the negative proof of nucleic acid detection.

On December 10th and 11th, the first weekend of the "New Ten Articles" was promulgated.Escape stores and other places, I found that although there is no need to check the nucleic acid detection negative proof, everyone’s consciousness of "being the first responsible person in his own health" is very strong, and basically they will actively scan the yard to show the green code.

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Under the new situation of the new crown epidemic, residents’ demand for drugs in the family has increased dramatically, and drugs, including ibuprofen and even flowers, and other drugs.

In the past two days, there was a topic for a long time to occupy the hot search in the same city.

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Faced with the new situation of the new crown prevention and control strategy, in order to avoid the panic caused by the lack of pregnancy-child-child-child-child-lactating special population due to the lack of pregnancy, pregnancy-child childbirth-childbirth-breastfeeding.Academicians of Academician Huang Hefeng in the University of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of the university, instructed members to check in a large number of relevant literature, and combined with the results of the clinical practice and scientific research of Chinese and Western medicine, the organization wrote the "new Chinese and Western medicine infection with the new crown infection during pregnancy."

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After optimizing and implementing the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, those with conditional non -symptoms or symptoms with conditions can be isolated at home.

So, how can we do at home to better protect the health of ourselves and our family?The Shanghai Health Promotion Center reminds everyone that: health, protect, often ventilate, talk about nutrition, exercise, and strong.Symptoms, do not go out, do monitoring, live alone, talk about hygiene, and do not share.

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On December 11, the Shanghai Housing Management Bureau announced that the eighth batch of housing this year was launched in a concentrated batch supply.This batch of housing involves 29 projects, with a total construction area of about 803,000 square meters, a total of 7,497 units, and the average filing price is 59028 yuan/square meter.Kingsoft, Qingpu, and Lingang 11 areas.

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The "Lresses · Reverse Light -the 19th Haiping Line Painting Sculpture Co -Exhibition" jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Artists Association and the Chinese Art Palace (Shanghai Art Museum), starting at the 0m layer 17 of the Chinese Art Palace (Shanghai Art Museum) from now onHosted by the exhibition hall.

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Baby Scale-(24inch)