After the new crown epidemic is released, do I have to go to the hospital for a period of delivery?What should I do if the pregnant woman is sunny?

After the new crown epidemic is liberalized, everyone is waiting for the peak of the epidemic.When Yang came, the daughter was the most anxious, especially when there were old and small, and a baby maternal mother with a baby in her stomach.

The group of pregnant women in my place started to discuss from the increase in the Baoding infection rate from Shijiazhuang, and when will it come to Shanghai.The topic of the persistent epidemic has even exceeded the production inspection. From the discussion of the active home office, so that the husband should not return in the company.By these days, I started asking someone to yang? Sure enough, sheep are all nests, and the family could not escape.

The expectant mothers have begun to be anxious again. Pregnant women cannot take medicine. What should I do after fever?What should I do if I go to the hospital?Some people have not been for pregnancy for more than a month. Some people have worn the mask protective masks. I will go to the hospital to go to the hospital, because some examinations need to take off the mask.Probability.

Regarding this issue, I asked a doctor when I went to the first woman and baby yesterday. The hospital I was regularly inspected was near home, but the Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital also ran for more than half a year.Go here to check the doctor here.After watching the doctor yesterday, I said to help me appointment on January January. I said that the peak period of the Shanghai epidemic infection was on January 6th. Can I still come to the hospital?I’m afraid of too much sheep.The doctor laughed and said that the hospital was relatively safe. Do you think you still have to check acid and antigen now?The inspection still needs to be checked.Your blood value is not good, you still have to take a look after a month.I asked, can I find you online at the delivery hospital?The doctor said yes, you can contact me online.In the future, some precautions are explained as usual. When I leave, I said thank you ** Director, you have to take care, she laughed.

After the new crown epidemic was open, everyone was anxious. I was hesitant to see if I went to the hospital yesterday before going to the hospital.I saw the results of the East Court.However, the hospital is queuing in line whether the ordinary number, the expert number or the special number of the special number. On the one hand, I feel that the sheep troops have not spread to Shanghai so quickly. In addition, I think this is the last time. Ask the doctor’s follow -up matters.Unexpectedly, the doctor later went to the hospital to check the blood, and I was entangled.Now I do run the hospital every time I run, and the examination of these blood can be added to the obstetrician during the regular checkup, so I decided to not come to the hospital for checking the question project of the hospital next time.Treatment or results were sent to a doctor and infant doctor to see the doctor online.

Because I am already in the middle and late pregnancy, and I have experienced the stage of heparin anti -blood condensation tires in the early stage. The stages of the must -check items such as Tang Si, non -invasive DNA, and amniotic fluid puncture have been relatively stable.EssenceHowever, the monthly inspection, especially the necessary projects such as Tang Si and sugar, it is recommended that everyone should not be afraid to be infected and abandon the hospital for inspection.The fever temperature of the pregnant woman is not higher than 38 °. Do not use medicine easily. You can use physical cooling, the body cannot stand or reduce fetal movement.Now many hospitals have positive outpatient clinics, and they go to the hospital quickly when they are uncomfortable.Don’t terminate the hospital’s normal production checks on your own because of fear of being yang.Having said that, even if it is yang, it is only about a week. Even if you ca n’t take medicine, you can drink white water, brown sugar ginger water, and orange steaming salt water. You can also take medicine under the doctor’s care.In October, the fetal health examination at each stage is necessary and important. It is difficult to make up for the birth check of important nodes.

The picture is a small prescription for dietary therapy carried in the group. Bless our pregnant mothers are healthy and sunny, and the baby will grow smoothly!

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