After the surrogacy, syphilis was found. The woman’s operation made the child a black household, and the account could not be available when he was 3 years old.

In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of relevant laws, a gray industry chain that has been lurking underground has unprecedented exposure.This industrial chain is "surrogacy".Recently, a case of surrogacy has attracted people’s attention.

Four years ago, Mr. Liu’s husband and wife contacted Ms. Wu through intermediary Xu. After negotiation, Ms. Wu was surrogated by Mr. Liu and his wife.However, because Ms. Wu detected syphilis after pregnancy, the other party refused to accept the child, and then Ms. Wu sold her child’s birth certificate.

Now, Ms. Wu gave birth to a child for three years. Because she did not have a certificate of birth, she could not go to the hukou. Ms. Wu wanted to implement her identity for her child through many channels, but she returned without success. In the endInner Mongolia, the father of the biological father who is looking for children, hopes to register the hukou through parent -child appraisal.

In fact, for the "black households" children who have given birth to such a surrogate and being abandoned by the buyer, Shangdo is not as simple as ordinary children.Newborns to go to the household registration need to be a birth certificate issued by the hospital, but Ms. Wu will sell the birth certificate of the year, that is, the "identity" of Xiaolong is given to another child born through the form of surrogacy.Unable to register the account.Even if you register for Xiao Jie in the process of population census, it will not help the small household registration.

In similar cases, there are many "black households" children who lack a certificate of birth and cannot register for hukou.Taking this incident as an example, even if Ms. Wu can go through the adoption procedures, it can only prove that the custody right of Xiaolong is from the welfare institute to Ms. Wu, and it cannot prove the legitimacy of Xiao let her identity.Due to the privacy issues involved in the incident, the public security organs cannot intervene to help Ms. Wu look for their children’s biological father.In particular, the problems of economic disputes and the abandonment of the father’s alleged abandonment made it difficult for the child’s identity to be recognized.

All these are the social problems brought by the illegality of "surrogacy".However, these problems caused by adults must be borne by children.

In this case, no adults have suffered irreparable losses except for the small "black households".In other surrogacy, the child may not be so lucky.Even sometimes, adults involved in surrogacy will not have good results.

After being arrested by the police, it is naturally needless to say that the intermediary’s illegal profitability is naturally. The so -called contract signed by the person who is looking for a surrogate party is not protected by law.Defended trial.

So, there are so many adverse effects caused by surrogacy, and even all parties participating in this process may not get good results. Why are there still many people who are rushing to this and make danger regardless of legal constraints?This situation is actually affected by many social factors. The main reason is "the buyer".

Whether it is infertility, male and female, or homosexual desire for children, or women do not want to have children by themselves, they have caused surrogacy to have huge market potential in my country.Some buyers will have sellers, and even some families with left and right swaying have not wanted to follow such illegal ways, but because they were confused by the intermediary, they chose to take risks.The weak legal concept of surrogate mothers is also one of the most important influencing factors.These women are often chosen as a surrogate mother to obtain rich benefits, and treat their uterus and children as a tool for making money.

But as young people, we should all know the harm of this illegal act.Once the "surrogacy is legalized", some women are likely to be reduced to "fertility machines".Some people now advocate that "the legalization of surrogacy" is to be deceived in women who are not deeply known about this.At the same time, not only can we not do this ourselves, we also need to discourage people who have such ideas around us in time, so that they should not try the way.We should understand that life is worthy of respect, and we should not be a commodity for people to buy and sell.

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