After the yang, it is not only a fever. These strange symptoms experienced by netizens, which one did you get in?

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The new coronal virus is a virus we haven’t touched before. For the characteristics of it, we can only study it in the laboratory, but there is a gap in the experiment and real data!

When this virus was discovered, it was set as a new coronary pneumonia because this virus would invade our lungs.

However, this virus is constantly mutating. On the evening of the 26th, the National Health and Health Commission replaced the "new coronary virus pneumonia" to "new coronary virus infection", and those who came in abroad would no longer need to beolate!

Although the official data said that it has not really entered the peak period, people living in big cities have felt the power of the new crown virus!

Mother Jing and Jing Jing were also recruited. I was afraid of high fever. I burned to 39 degrees when I burned. I have never tried such a high fever after 39 degrees high fever!

The whole person feels soft and weak!

Although Jingjing was not particularly high, it was all 38.5 degrees, but her eyes had hallucinations. Suddenly I said that seeing things was crooked. Suddenly, the bed suddenly became smaller. I also told me that my mother’s bed was too small, too crowded, too crowded, too crowded.You go to sleep there.

I was frightened enough at that time. I packed things and wanted to take my child to the emergency department. I didn’t expect her to sleep!

In the circle of friends, WeChat groups and the Internet also see the symptoms of netizens in the yang groups, it seems that they are strange and different!

The first: high fever more than a high fever

The Omikon virus is easy to cause fever, and it is generally more than 38 degrees, moderate or even high fever, and some children even burned 40 degrees!

If the child has a basic disease or the child is less than three months, or the child has the history of high fever, the child must have a fever, you must wait for the hospital to be sent to the hospital.

Second: headache unbearable

Some people have headaches caused by fever, and some people do not say that the fever is very powerful, but it is headache.

A friend said that it has been a new crown for a week, but I feel headache every day. Sometimes I eat ibuprofen not to reduce fever, but to alleviate headaches.

Third: ear pain

Lele in the WeChat group said that she had a cough without a fever, and it felt pain in her ears. This pain was not caused by ear pain caused by a mask. At that time, she thought she was a cold, but later found that she was positive.

Fourth: hurts the eyes

“This topic rushed to the hot search of Weibo.

The deputy chief physician of the Ophthalmology Department of Beijing Elderly Hospital introduced that it is mainly conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is a common eye expression after the new crown infection.

I saw Uncle Kai’s feeling of publishing his new crown before, which also said that his eyes were uncomfortable, and he seemed to be swollen.

Fifth: Nose is uncomfortable

The nose may be a nasal congestion and a runny nose. This is actually one of the symptoms of a cold and one of the common symptoms of the new crown.

When the nasal congestion runny nose, you can use some anti -allergic medicines. You can also cover your nose with a warm towel, and press the welcoming acupoint to have a relief effect.

Sixth: throat swallowing blade, dumb throat

On the second day of the fever, Jing’s voice was like a duck. Every time she swallowed her, she felt that a blade was scratched through the throat, which was really uncomfortable.

The throat is very dry. I feel that I can’t sleep if I don’t put a pot of water at the bed at night.

This sore throat is much worse than a cold.

Seventh: dry lips

Because of the fever, the whole person is a bit short of water. In addition, when you add a new crown, you ca n’t eat too much, which can easily lead to the lack of vitamins in the body, so your lips will be easier to dry.

Jing Jing was a fever lips, and then she pulled the skin of her lips with her hands, and she cracked!

It is recommended to wipe with some lip balm.

Eighth: back pain

The reaction of many people’s new crowns is back pain. In fact, our waist is very hard work. Women’s pregnancy menstruation will have back pain. That is because the pressure of our waist is relatively high.

And men’s movement often uses the power of the waist. Many people may have old wounds on the waist, and the new crown virus is particularly cunning, which is easy to violate the fragile parts of our bodies. Therefore, back pain is also a reaction of many people in the new crown.

When you have back pain, rest in bed, try to avoid using the waist as much as possible.

Ninth: bone headache

Some people are not just backaches, but the headache of the whole body, just like an electric drill in the drilling bone.

Tenth: Continuous exhaust

Yue Yunpeng said that he was constantly farting after he was sunny. Farting was actually our body exhausted. After positive, it might cause our intestine to be susceptible to excitement, and then the gas inside was discharged.

In addition to the above 10 symptoms, there are some netizens who feel that they keep coughing, but they have cough and have no sputum. At this time, you can consider using town cough.

Some netizens feel that the taste is decreasing or even the taste disappears, and there is no taste to eat. I used to eat it. Now I do n’t want to eat anything.

Some netizens feel that the ears are like tinnitus, and some netizens feel that they can’t smell anything, and some netizens say that they are always disgusting like pregnancy, and some netizens say that listening has decreased.

What symptoms do you go through?

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