After three abortion, she asked: Which is better?

In the gynecological clinic

A young girl in her 20s

Ask the doctor very distressedly:

"The drug flow is afraid that the flow will not clean,

The flow of people is afraid that the damage is too great,

Which of the drug flow and abortion, which one is better?"

Girls have had a miscarriage three times in the past few years

One of the medicine flow is not clean and cleaned, and then clear the palace

The remaining 2 times

This time she accidentally "recruits"

Baby still can’t do

The key is that she hasn’t given birth to a child yet

The doctor’s answer is of course

Don’t have a miscarriage the best

Whether it is a drug flow or an operation abortion

It may cause unnecessary harm to the body

Zhu Shuyi, the attending physician of the Gynecology 1 (Western Medicine Gynecology Department) of Wenzhou Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, said that women who often have unexpected pregnancy in outpatient clinics ask for abortion or surgical abortion. In fact, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Artificial flow refers to the use of surgery, drugs, or two combinations to terminate pregnancy, including surgical abortion and drug abortion.

Surgical abortion refers to the use of surgery to achieve the purpose of terminating pregnancy.

The current commonly used methods include negative pressure suction palace surgery and pliers scraping.

Negative pressure suction:

Suitable for abortion within 10 weeks of pregnancy is to enter the uterine cavity with a straw and attract the pregnancy tissue in the uterine cavity through a certain suction.

Pie scraping:

Suitable for abortion within 10-14 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, the embryo tissue in the uterine cavity is used to clamp out the embryo tissue in the uterine cavity, and then use a scorpion or straw to clean the uterine residue tissue. Generally, hospitalization surgery is needed.

Surgical abortion is suitable for most patients who need abortion. However, patients who have acute inflammation or inflammation of the genital tract, and patients who cannot withstand surgery or fever cannot perform surgical abortion.

The painless abortion is only suitable for abortion within 10 weeks of pregnancy.


Relatively fast.There is no abdominal pain during painless abortion, no abdominal pain or mild abdominal pain after surgery. The amount of bleeding after surgery is small, the bleeding time is shorter than the medicine, and the success rate of the complete abortion is high.


Surgical abortion needs to perform uterine cavity operations, there is surgical risk, and the incidence of uterine cavity infection and uterine cavity adhesion higher than the medicinal flow is higher than that of postoperative.

The drug flow is the abortion of the drug, which refers to the purpose of taking oral drugs to terminate pregnancy.

The current commonly used drugs are Mepatone tablets+maco anterior glycol tablets.

It is generally suitable for pregnancy time (from the first day of the last section) within 49 days, B-ultrasound checks the diameter of the pregnancy sac ≤ 25mm and the age of 18-40 years old.

Liver and kidney function abnormalities, pregnancy drama, glaucoma, epilepsy and smoking more than 15/day or alcoholism and age ≥ 35 years old, it is not recommended for drug flow.


No uterine cavity operation, no surgical trauma, reducing the chance of adhesion and infection.


After taking the medication for a long time, the bleeding time after surgery is long, and the abdominal pain time is long.

After taking the medicine, adverse reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, itching of palms, drug allergies, etc.

The success rate of the completely abortion of the drug flow is relatively low. If the drug flow fails, the palace is needed.

Therefore, within 49 days of pregnancy, especially those who have the first pregnancy, have difficulty in operational abortion, the history of uterine cavity adhesion, and the fears of the opponent surgery can choose the drug flow.

All in all, regardless of the abortion or surgical abortion, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. How to choose the specific decision based on the number of pregnancy days, the size of the pregnancy sac, and the health state of the abortion itself.

Regardless of choosing surgical abortion or drug abortion, they are stifling a small life, and at the same time, they may also "flow" the opportunity to be a mother.

If you are not ready to welcome your child, you must take contraception!

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