After two months of divorce, the woman found that she was pregnant, and came to find her ex -husband to reunite. My mother -in -law: My child has no fertility

This woman did not expect that as soon as she divorced her husband for two months, she found that she was pregnant with her child.When she went to the ex -husband with joy, her mother -in -law said that her ex -husband had no fertility.

Why did they divorce at first?Is the child in the woman’s belly really ex -husband?

Follow me, let’s go on.

Why did Zhu Jun think about why he had married Huang Yong for 6 years? Huang Yong suddenly said that he had no feelings and insisted on divorcing himself.

At the beginning, when Zhu Jun heard Huang Yong’s divorce, she also tried her best to recover this relationship, but Huang Yong’s attitude was determined. The two eventually went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a divorce certificate.

With a divorce certificate, Zhu Jun recalled the time of the two emotions and affection. She didn’t understand what happened in these years, so that Huang Yong had no feelings for herself. Does the men in the world are people in love?Looking at Huang Yong’s back, Zhu Junchang sighed and determined to leave this sad place.

After the divorce, Zhu Jun also went to work in other provinces.Although the family is broken, life always goes to continue.

In order to let herself think of this failed marriage, Zhu Jun arranged her time.Almost all of the time to go to sleep in one day.Zhu Jun’s desperate work also made colleagues around him unable to compare.

I don’t know if I am busy with work every day. Zhu Jun recently felt that his body was very tired. He had no appetite when he was eating, and he wanted to sleep from time to time.

At this time, Zhu Jun also thought that he couldn’t always be so desperate, and he should let his body rest properly.But Zhu Jun found that even if her footsteps slowed down, her body fatigue still did not decrease.

The colleagues around him also discovered Zhu Jun’s strangeness. Many colleagues who had married and gave birth to children. After seeing Zhu Jun’s situation, they said ridiculous: "Zhu Jun, you should not be pregnant!"

A word of colleagues put Zhu Jun in deep contemplation. She remembered the abnormality of her days, and thought that she hadn’t come to a physiological period for two months. Is it really pregnant?

It happened that Zhu Jun and Huang Yong had two months after divorce.Thinking of this, Zhu Jun still felt that it was really pregnant.Later, Zhu Jun went to the hospital for examination with excitement.After the test results came out, she did verify her previous speculation that she was pregnant!

Two months after the divorce of the woman, she found that she was pregnant and went back to find her ex -husband to remarry, but was told that her ex -husband had no fertility.

Zhu Jun was very excited after learning that he was pregnant.Although Zhu Jun had divorced Huang Yong, Zhu Jun never let go of this relationship for a moment.Before the divorce, the two always wanted a child, but they did not conceive.

Now two months of divorce, he checked that he had more than two months of pregnancy. Zhu Jun felt that his marriage with Huang Yong had the possibility of renewal.

So Zhu Jun resigned and returned to Huang Yong’s city, trying to find him for remarry.

On the way to Huang Yong, Zhu Jun also told his peers that she felt that this time he would be able to continue his front relationship with Huang Yong.However, when Zhu Jun arrived in Huang Yong’s house, he did not see Huang Yong. Instead, Huang Yong’s mother was unhappy after seeing Zhu Jun.

When Zhu Jun told her ex -mother -in -law, she said she was pregnant with Huang Yong’s child.After the former mother -in -law heard it, her face was incredible, and she felt that this was the lies of Zhu Jun.

But Zhu Jun’s face was firm, and he also clearly stated that he wanted to remarry with Huang Yong.At this time, the former mother -in -law couldn’t help it anymore. She accused Zhu Jun angrily, not to sprinkle this lie.Because in the 6 years when Zhu Jun and Huang Yong had married, watching the two could not be pregnant with children, she secretly took Huang Yong to check and found that Huang Yong was almost difficult to have the possibility of birth.

Even in order to let Zhu Jun prove that he was really pregnant with his child, the former mother -in -law also took out a test paper and asked Zhu Jun to test her on the spot to be willing to believe.

But Zhu Jun was unwilling to be insulted like this. She took out her previous inspection report to prove that she was really pregnant with a child.But the former mother -in -law said, how did she know that the report was not forged, and she still did not believe that Zhu Jun would be pregnant with a child.

Facing the difficulties of the former mother -in -law, Zhu Jun was also very wronged. He wanted to talk to Huang Yong in person, but Huang Yong didn’t want to meet Zhu Jun.In desperation, Zhu Jun could only leave first.In fact, Zhu Jun also understood that Huang Yong and she could no longer be good.

However, Zhu Jun didn’t want to give up.

The woman divorced for two months and found that she was pregnant and was full of joy to find her ex -husband, but no one believed the fact that she was pregnant.

Zhu Jun asked the reporter to help Huang Yong, and under the contact of the reporter, Huang Yong also understood that if he had been dragging, it would not be time to end.Therefore, Huang Yong finally agreed to see Zhu Jun.

The next day, Zhu Jun went to Huang Yong’s house again.What Zhu Jun did not expect was that when she told Huang Yong that she was pregnant with her child, Huang Yong and his mother’s attitude were the same. They were unwilling to believe that Zhu Jun had to test on the spot.

Forced by helplessness, Zhu Jun took the test strip to the toilet.After a while, when Huang Yong and his mother looked at the test strips of the two bars, they suddenly stopped.

However, at this time, the mother and son were unwilling to believe that Zhu Jun was pregnant with Huang Yong’s child.To this end, Zhu Jun also said that she could go to the hospital to cooperate with the examination to prove her innocence.

After arriving at the hospital, after a series of examinations, the doctor also clearly told everyone that the child was indeed Huang Yong.And Huang Yong’s body has some problems. It is not unable to have children, but the child born with a 20%chance is a deformed child.But as long as Zhu Jun can check on time, there should not be too much problems.

In the face of this result, Huang Yong still did not have a loose mouth to rear with Zhu Jun.Huang Yong said that he and Zhu Jun met when he was working. At that time, the two people had a good relationship, and Zhu Jun was gentle and virtuous.Therefore, even if the family did not agree with the marriage at that time, he secretly received a certificate with Zhu Jun.

The family members saw that things had become a foregone conclusion, and they accepted Zhu Jun, daughter -in -law.But after Zhu Jun moved to Huang Yong’s house, the whole person became different.After marriage, Zhu Jun had a great temper, and he did not work, and often shouted his parents.

Even after Zhu Jun had a dispute with Huang Yong, in order to allow Huang Yong to bow his head, he would always do a great behavior that hurt himself.Therefore, after 6 years of enduring, Huang Yong was afraid of Zhu Jun and finally chose to divorce her.

Even if Zhu Jun is pregnant with his child, he will not rear back with Zhu Jun, and even Huang Yong clearly tells Zhu Jun to let her kill the child, and then take her mother away from the hospital.

Zhu Jun did not expect that she still failed to save Huang Yong’s heart.On the way home, Zhu Jun also scarred his arms, saying that only in this way can he relieve his inner pain.

It is true that Zhu Jun’s psychology may have some problems, and for a man with no emotion, it is indeed unnecessary.I hope that Zhu Jun will be able to get up in the future and live well.

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