After using the condom, he was pregnant with Pharaoh?How do you know how much do you know?

After soaking the silicon oil placed in the bucket, each of which was soaked in the film covered with oil.Without any safety measures such as disinfection, the condom of "clothes" had not been wearing "clothes" in the first minute, and it changed into a coat of brand -name products such as Durex and Okamoto.If it wasn’t for the searches when the police of the Food and Drug Brigade of the Salt Lake Branch of the Shanxi Provincial Games City Public Security Bureau arrested the suspects, these nearly 2 million fake brand -name condoms hidden in 6 denominations will flow to the markets of many provinces and cities across the country.The case value exceeds 5 million yuan.

Times are progressing, and this product has become a necessity.When it comes to such products, most people will no longer blush.But do you know, if you do n’t pay attention, you may still buy an unqualified cover, so that you regret it afterwards.

First look at the packaging. Whether there is a haircut with the opening. If there is a hairy eight achievements, it is fake. The real condom packaging is generally very exquisite and the feel is very good. You can see it from the outside!

The production date of the fake condom is printed, and it can be scraped by scraping it with a hand, such as a small picture in the upper left corner.This kind of condom is fake at first glance, but there are exceptions. Remember to read the instructions!In addition, a certain Trys will write what type of you buy on the package packaging. This is easy to distinguish. There is no fake cover!

Also optimistic about barcodes. For Chinese products, there are special sales codes.There are also fake barcodes, but the number is wrong.Remember the three -digit number in front of the barcode of China’s condom is 690 691 692 693 694.

The condom is a transparent thing, so if you see that the sleeve after opening is milk or opaque, it is a condom with poor quality.Also, if you find that there is a very large rubber smell after you take it out, it means that this condom may be fake. Generally, the genuine rubber smell is relatively light.You can also touch the lubricant. If it is very dry and odor, and the color is strange, then it can be explained that this condom is fake!

There is no real set of fake sets, and it is afraid that it will be scattered. It is a bit trembling when it is filled with water, and the real set can be "abused" wanton. There is no need to worry about it suddenly collapsed!Unless, you use your nails to buckle it …

IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionThe harm of fake sleeves!IntersectionIntersection

The results of the UN health and health institutions in major cities in China show that 86%of China’s condom markets are covered by counterfeit and shoddy products, especially OEM products, and fake and shoddy products with a few corners of money can be sold from 5 to 60 yuan in the market., Huge profit margin stimulates merchants to sell fakes and inferiority, especially brand condoms. Using unqualified condoms will bring us a huge health crisis. According to incomplete statistics, 98%of users of unqualified products are infected.21%of the disease (itching is a precursor) will lead to infertility, 34%of women’s accidental pregnancy, 24%of women cause infertility due to infection, and 79%of women infected with various sexually transmitted diseases and even cancer.

The harm of fake condoms is really harmful. Both boys and girls will be harmed. Be sure to buy it from regular channels.Oh, good health is the first place. Don’t buy fake sets because of greed and cheap!Safety first!

When you go out to open a house, you must also observe whether the sleeve in the hotel is genuine when you are in love!

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