After women are pregnant, where did the "aunt" go?The doctor did not tell, the woman had to count in the heart

The hard work of a woman knows that there are "relatives" on the upper body of "relatives" every month. When they are older, they have to get married and have children. Breeding is the hardest. Many women know that "big aunt" will stop after pregnancy. Then, "BigAunt "Where did you go?No one said clearly, but women have to know.

The sister who listened to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital before said that there was a girl, named Lingling (a pseudonym) found an object. The two were not young, so they met their parents for a while. Both parents were very satisfied.Although the marriage of the two people was not specifically set, it was also a matter of nailing. The two intended to have children after two years of marriage, and they were not ready.

However, Later, Lingling found that her menstruation was postponed for almost two weeks, and her body felt uncomfortable, and her appetite was poor. She thought she was sick, so her boyfriend took Lingling to the hospital to see a doctor.Lingling was pregnant, and both of them were stunned, because the incident suddenly had no psychological preparation.

Then Ling Ling asked a question to make her sister and a question. The sister laughed on the spot. Lingling asked, "Where did my aunt go?" The sister saw that Lingling knew too little about fertility knowledge, so she told her about it.It’s a bit.

According to her sister (obstetrician), women come to the "aunt" because the ovaries will ovulate regularly. When ovulation, the endometrium will fall off, and the broken uterine endometrium will be discharged out with the blood, which makes the "big bigAunt "" The origin of monthly.

When the woman is pregnant, the eggs and sperm will be combined into a fertilized egg. The fertilized eggs will fall in the inner wall of the uterus.The cause of the disappearance of "Auntie".

1. Understand fertility knowledge

Before fertility, you should take the initiative to learn about some pregnancy knowledge. For example, what is the best age range of men and women. If it exceeds the range, it is an elderly mother, so what are the risks of children’s fertility.

There are also what should pregnant women’s diet and living habits look like, and these need to be understood, because these are factor affecting whether the fetus is healthy.

Women must pay attention to their age and physical condition, and there are some bad luxury and living habits to be changed, even for children.

2. Pre -delivery examination

The birth check is something that every pregnant woman has to do. Is it necessary to prevent problems before? In order to avoid the phenomenon of unhealthy babies born, deformed, or stopping.Check.

The checkup is the most effective method for eliminating the unhealthy of the fetus. It is found that it can be treated as soon as possible and recovered as soon as possible. Some can be given up as soon as possible. Scientific pregnancy and inspection are very necessary.You and your child are two things.

3. Rest up your emotions

Many mothers have great emotional fluctuations after pregnancy. This is normal, but too anxious, irritable, nervous, or angry, etc., will affect the fetus and production.

Doctors said that women’s emotional excitement is not good for fetal growth and may cause fetal hypoxia. If it is early pregnancy, it may cause abortion. Therefore, pregnant women should ensure a positive and good attitude.Move your attention.

How long did you discontinue you discovered that you were pregnant?Does anyone tell you why do you come to aunt after pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message at the bottom of the screen

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