Agu is a beast. I was going to take the life of the emperor. I did not expect to engage in the belly of the emperor.


There are two options in front of Agu. One plate is fragrant braised pork, a plate is a living poisonous snake scorpion. Agou chooses the latter because she is a beast, the world to the evil beast, the only one in the world, the only one in the world.A beast that cultivates into a demon.

"Agu, after eating this meal, you can practice it as a monster, and you can transform into a person."

Agu played a full.

"You will enter the palace tomorrow, remember to find a chance to kill him."

The teenager hugged Agu in his arms, and his sorrow and sorrow could not be added: "It was Xia Houluo Xuan’s nine family.eye for eye!"

One · Fengtian Chengxuan

Agu did not understand human feelings very much, so after entering the palace as a palace, the teenager gave her the task. She had forgotten to remember it, and listened to gossip when she was free.The palace girl Hua Hui said that the palace lady who did not want to be a concubine was not a good palace girl. Later, she climbed into the emperor’s bed with a good night and was pulled out and killed.

In fact, the most popular harem is the cold palace.

It is said that the emperor is ruthless comparable to Shura.

So Agu, who loves poison and uses poison as a staple food, said before the death of Gong Zheng, said that the heart of the dog emperor was black, and the owner of Bai Yue also said that his heart was vicious, and he unconsciously flowed.saliva.

So at midnight, Agu changed back to the original shape and ran to the emperor’s palace, trying to dig out his heart.Maybe Tian Sui is willing, Xia Hou Luoxuan is sleeping steadily, Agu climbed gently to him, his naked upper body is thin and healthy, like a strong leopard.Glory of thes.

Aguyuan climbed on him, stretched out the black -purple short tongue, licked his belly with six abdominal muscles, and then bite the mouth of Zhang Dachang’s teeth. At that moment, Xia Houluo opened openedOpening his eyes, the temperature seemed to fall to the freezing point. He raised his beast lying on his stomach, holding his throat and said, "What are you?"

"Guru-" Agu said.

"Who let you come?" After speaking, Xia Hou Luoxuan laughed at himself, "How can the beasts understand people?"

"Guru-" protest!

"Come, take it to kill."

Kill a gurgling!Agu spit out a poisonous gas, Xia Hou Luoxuan hurt his hand, and he ran away.At this time, the eunuch of the night hurriedly ran, and Xia Hou Luoxuan looked at Agu, who could only see the round fart, sneered.

The next day, Chenguang was exposed, and Xia Hou Luoxuan was awakened by the scream of a palace girl.He glanced coldly, his legs kneeling softly on the ground, pointing at his stomach in horror: "The emperor … you … your belly has become bigger!"

Xia Hou Luoxuan looked down and saw that his belly was as big as he was pregnant for seven or eight months.He frowned tightly, roaring his face with a black face: "Stupid! Not now Xuan Taiyi!"

The palace girl and eunuchs then retreated in a panic and were busy looking for a doctor.

Xia Hou Luoxuan painted a handsome face and painted the beast with his memory.

胎 胎 鬼

Now that the imperial court chaos, the emperor couldn’t get out of the door, and he couldn’t get up early. He only wanted to find the strange beast -round limbs short, his eyes rounded like a wool ball.Agu thinks that the emperor’s painting skills are really poor. Her animal -oriented appearance must be almost the same as the dragon and Feng Feng!

Can’t eat the heart of the dog emperor, Agu had to go to the cold palace to find a poisonous snake.

Although the cold palace is very popular, it is not so popular that the dog emperor comes over to make a horses?

In the abandoned Luo Fei Niang’s tattered house, Xia Hou Luoxuan’s voice came out: "Luoxi, did you poison me?"

Luo Fei snorted: "Look at you, the retribution is here."

Xia Hou Luo Xuan stood up sharply, but just happened to be on his stomach, almost fell, very embarrassed.

Agu, who was lying outside the window, accidentally laughed and was discovered.

Xia Hou Luoxuan said sharply: "Who?" Then he gave a sign of the confidant Rui Gong, catching!

When Agu was mentioned, when Luo Xi saw her, she looked surprised, and then she quickly recovered her calm.Gong Gong Rui tightly held her throat, intending to kill her.Agu rushed to take a bite, unexpectedly, Ruigong took a step back and hit Xia Hou Luoxuan’s body. The latter was lying flat to the ground in a large shape.

Agos ran away again.

Luo Xi looked at the direction of Agu’s escape in thoughtfully, and said to Xia Hou Luoxuan: "I have to treat your stomach, but I want to be the queen."

"Dreaming!" Xia Hou Luoxuan ran out angrily, but heard Luo Xi said behind him, "Your belly is 蛊, ordinary medical skills are useless."

The paper cannot be covered.

Xia Hou Luoxuan compiled a lie, saying that the royal family who left the country was a descendant of the gods of the gods. It has the power of boys and sons.Regardless of whether others believe in it, he just holds his stomach like this, who laughed and killed who.

If he can’t go to the dynasty, he is about to be lined up by the soldiers.They blame him to misunderstand Luo Fei’s rape, and he took the ancient Lingjun family, causing the border to lose, and was pushed out of the city by the country all the way to the city. He originally wanted to go to the battlefield himself, but now he has a big belly.It will definitely be laughed at to death by the enemy.

Agu found that the snake, worm, and ants in the palace were almost eaten by her. When she was so hungry, she hit Xia Hou Luoxuan’s idea.

She secretly followed him and saw that after he walked to the rockery alone, he felt a good time, so he rushed over.

At this time, Xia Hou Luoxuan waited for her with a smile, and she turned out to be the palace lady that I was overheard last night.

"It turned out to be a pheasant who wanted to climb the branches to become a phoenix."

Agu felt that speaking at this moment was very wasteful. Only the action was the most practical, so another biting was bitten, but Xia Hou Luoxuan embarked her on the ground and teared her clothes.

Alas!Death thief!Let go of your paw!

However, I thought about Agu, and said, "Isn’t I peeled by you, you just eat it for me."

Xia Hou Luoxuan bit her ears with a smile and said, "What do you want to eat?"

Agu’s eyes stared at the round eyes and said firmly, "You."

"Okay." Let’s eat with King Yan Luo.

"It’s better to give some interest?" Agou’s saliva was about to flow out.

When Xia Hou Luoxuan didn’t know what happened, his claws were bitten and blurred.He was shocked and pushed away from Agu with a palm of his palm, and poured her on the rockery. She crooked her neck and seemed to be out of breath.

Xia Hou Luo Xuan frowned, looked at the crescent -like tooth print, and then looked at Agu on the rockery, then found that Agu was gone.An ordinary palace lady could move quickly after he was full of hard fight, but it was really hidden.

3. Circle Raise Beast

Agu felt that the dog emperor was tickling her, not pain at all, she couldn’t eat delicious, and she was hungry.Suddenly, a cricket appeared in front of her with a temptation. She turned into a beast -shaped shape, and she took it to swallow her stomach with a bite, which was so delicious!

Then the second, third … lying on the ground with a round stomach, closed his eyes satisfied.

Suddenly, a glamorous woman blocked the moonlight and stood in front of her: "I did not expect that the legendary demon beast will fall in my hands, really help me."

Agou opened her eyes slightly. It turned out to be Luo Fei. She wanted to get up, but was caught by Luo Fei.Agu wanted to struggle, but he couldn’t make his strength, his head was still drowsy.

"Don’t struggle, I took you the medicine I made by me, let’s obediently obedient."

"Catch her!" Suddenly a large group of guards embraced in, Xia Hou Luoxuan held his belly and walked slowly, looking at the belly, he was really afraid that one day would be burst.

Luo Fei was gloomy, sneered and pulled out a small knife from her arms, and inserted it against Agu. Xia Hou Luoxuan quickly grabbed her over, and then said confidently, "I know that this beast has a antidote."

"Guru." Agu murmured weakly, curled into a ball, lying in Xia Hou Luoxuan’s arms.

"Get her up!" Luo Fei stabbed his knife at Xia Hou Luoxuan, but was fainted by Gong Gong.

After Agu woke up, he found that he was locked in the cage. The cage was the evil face of the dog emperor outside the cage, and Agu shed water again.

A row of doctors standing behind him hugged, trying to handle her, and she sprayed a poisonous look, and couldn’t afford to fall to the ground.

Xia Hou Luoxuan stroked his jaw, lying obliquely on the rocking chair, looking at Agu with interest: "Beast, is you turned me like this? If yes, don’t murmist if no."

"Guru!" It’s me!

"Is there a way to turn me back to the original state?"

"Guru!" Yes!

Before Xia Hou Luoxuan asked the next question, a minister ran in panic: "His Majesty, His Majesty, the country, the national army transferred the army to the suburbs of our country and was preparing to attack!"

"So what?"

"Emperor, are we going to prepare for the war …"

"Now are you emperor or I am the emperor?"

The minister knew that he had committed a big taboo, and he didn’t dare to speak again.Xia Hou Luoxuan glanced at Agu, opened the cage to put her out, cut it on her short legs, the black blood dripped on the ground, and immediately corrupted a small hole.Essence

"Pour this bottle of black blood in the enemy’s water."

After the minister said "Long live", he retreated with black blood.

Agu covered the bleeding wound, his eyes were very injured: "Beast, how about doing a deal with you? If you help me heal my belly, I will let you go."

Agu’s ass faces him, no!As soon as she cured him, he would kill her, and the beast felt very spiritual.

"Give you delicious food?"

Several bugs want to buy her, she won’t catch it herself.

"It’s better to give you a name, called Agu, and coo all day long. You must be the mother beast, right?"

Agu immediately guarded his butt with a short grip. In view of his previous sex wolf behavior, it was almost gone.

Bing Bing Ling City

In the palace of the emperor, Agu bite the cage, and when he jumped out of the cage, he turned into an adult shape. As soon as he wanted to go out of the door, he hit Xia Hou Luoxuan and returned.Get the skirt quickly, and the skirt almost was pulled down. Agu immediately lifted his skirt and glared at him. The kinky thief was a kinky thief.

Xia Hou Luoxuan laughed by her grievance, holding her into her arms: "What kind of eyes are you?"

"Your stomach has stood up with me." Agu struggled dissatisfied, knowing that he had put a few more tapeworms to poison him, although the dead poison was not so delicious.

Xia Hou Luoxuan remembered the little beast locked in the cage. Looking at the bite cage, his eyes were stunned, and the hand holding it turned into a hoop.Poison beast hurts me? "

Agu rolled his eyes to him, so he was so strong with his big belly, which was unscientific.


"Who sent you?"


"Is it Luoxi, or … others?"

"Uh … do you want to kill me?"

Xia Hou Luoxuan was laughed at by her. She also sued the wicked first: "You harm me with a big belly, I will not throw you to Wan Snake Yuan, you will laugh."

Agou’s eyes immediately brightened: "There is still this place in the palace?"

"Outside the suburbs. Are you very interested?"

Agu felt that the muck in his stomach was about to run out.

Xia Hou Luoxuan sneered in his heart, and he wanted to seize him with a lot of knowledge. When he waited for Wan Snake Yuan, he saw that her legs were not soft and dare not to recruit.

But now he must find the poison beast first, so he choked Agu’s throat and said, "Where did you hide the poison beast?"When do you take me? "

Xia Hou Luoxuan frowned and threw her away. Who knew she climbed back and looked at him like a piece of braised pork. At this time, he found out that the original passive people have always been him.She has never been afraid of him.Is she nervous or afraid?

Even if it doesn’t care about her, Agu will automatically follow Xia Hou Luoxuan.The poisonous beast is still unknown, and now it is true that it is the real black hand to set it from the little palace girl, but at this time, he has no time to go to talk.Essence

All the ministers wanted to break their heads for this. One of the old ministers said: "Qi Qi, Wei Chen wants to recommend a person, Su Leyi, Su Caizi.I also know that the dead point of the soldiers of the country is definitely helpful for this battle. "

Xia Hou Luoxuan thought about seeing it, so he ordered him to see him.

Back to the Royal Study Room, he saw that the little palace girl stacked Erlang’s legs like an upstart.When he saw him back, she immediately lost her elbow and pleased it: "Emperor, when will you take me to Wan Snake Yuan to punish me?"

Xia Hou Luoxuan looked at her oily paws, and said, "Let’s talk about it when you have time."

Agu felt that she was deceived.

Wu · Master drove

In the evening, Agu will sleep with Xia Hou Luoxuan, but she is a floor -to -floor shop. As a beast, morality is very important.

Xia Hou Luoxuan was too lazy to ignore her. He felt that the little palace might be a fool.She said that she was called Agu. She just entered the palace, but she just ate and slept all day long. It looked naive and worry -free, which made him wonder that she was really just a little palace girl.But how can she explain that she had nothing to do after being injured by him?As soon as she came, the poison beast ran away.Watching her sleeping on the ground without any defense, a mouth hanging on her mouth. If that person is not a fool, it is absolutely impossible to send this silly girl to assassinate him. Therefore, it should be someone else who put the poisonous beast.Is it Luoxi, the little palace girl is just a scapegoat?Or is there another others?

What about this little palace girl?Why is it always around him?Do you like him, like all the maids who want to climb on the branches as a Phoenix?And all this is just a coincidence?

"Emperor, when did you eat it for me? I’m so hungry." Agu said dreams.

Xia Hou Luoxuan sat around her and stretched her hands into her mouth. She really opened her mouth and wanted to bite. Fortunately, he closed his hand quickly, otherwise the meat was bitten and she was dissatisfied.Complaining, he was so angry that her nose did not let her breathe, and she frowned.

Agu saw Xia Hou Luoxuan’s motivation to her feet in a bad motivation, and immediately covered her buttocks like caterpillars. She said alertly: "I won’t present my chrysanthemum for eating."

Xia Hou Luoxuan was laughed at by her: "What about you?" What about you? "

Agu didn’t think of Xia Hou Luoxuan’s taste so heavy, even the monsters didn’t let go, it was just a beast!However, she looked at his stomach and said the wind and cool: "Can you ask? It would be bad if you moved the fetal gas."

Xia Hou Luoxuan pretended to be angry with his face, and Agu didn’t eat this set, and continued to sleep.However, he was really not interested in doing that, and he was left aside, and he lay down. Agou tied the warm side to the warm side, like a small animal.

Xia Hou Luoxuan stroked her tender cheeks, slippery, like a child who was not open.

When Agu opened her eyes, she found that she was lying on the bed. The first reaction was to touch her buttocks, which did not hurt.The festival is still there!The body is still warm. It seems that the emperor is not very bad, but will it be not delicious?

So tangled.

After getting out of bed, Agu wanted to find food, but found what the owner Gu Baiyue was talking to the emperor. His expression was humble and gentle, not like a deep hatred with the emperor.Agu thought, did Bai Yue be transferred?Why is he called Su Leyi?

"Chen thinks that for the country, we can make the yin. They grow up on the horse’s back and have a bold temperament.As a result, they would definitely not doubt too much. In addition, I heard that Lord Wu said that someone had already voted once before, and they would definitely think that we would not re -apply it. "

Xia Hou Luoxuan sneered: "In addition to poisoning, what else do you have?"

Su Leyi suddenly patted his hands. A small beast with a short leg climbed in, which was exactly the same as the poisonous beast who had bitten Xia Hou Luoxuan before, which was the cottage version of Agu.

Agu thinks that she is out of favor.

Lu · Who has a antidote

Xia Hou Luoxuan took a closer look, although the poison beast was very similar to the one who had cast in his stomach before, but it was not.However, Su Leyi has such a poisonous beast, which is still suspicious.

Su Leyi still ignored Xia Hou Luo Xuan’s intangible pressure and said, "This beast is produced from Miaojiang’s poisonous door. I can see that my Majesty’s stomach is voted by the beast., Finally broke. "

Xia Hou Luoxuan teased the beast and said inadvertently: "Is there any antidote?"

"Yes, but this can’t be in a hurry."

Rui Gong, who has been standing beside him, said sharply: "Isn’t it fast?"

Su Leyi said: "As long as the beast that killed the poisonous beast. And this one, we can let it sneak into the enemy generals, set off the brain, and control him."

After Su Leyi retreated, Xia Hou Luoxuan scolded "shit".If poisoning can win the battle, then everyone does not need to practice forces, just study the poison.

Seeing the owner with a counterfeit goods, Agu was on his stomach. When he came to Xia Hou Luoxuan, she drumped her cheeks.

Agu sorrowfully found that what could be said with him now was only his own reserves.

Xia Hou Luoxuan looked at Agu to sit next to him, then lay on the table and looked at him. Looking at her grievances, her distressed mood just swept away.

He squeezed her cheek and said, "If you want me to spoil, you can say it."

"Oh! You say that I am better than it, skills are stronger than it, and obedient and well -behaved. Why do he still see different changes and get new love?"

Xia Hou Luoxuan heard a little clue. She dared to hook people and came to show off in front of him?Do you want him to be jealous like this?

"who is it?"

"You do not know."

"If you don’t want to say, where can you go?" Xia Hou Luoxuan retired.

Agu’s heart was hurt, and she was even more embarrassed. She was lying on the table and pretended to die.At this moment, Xia Hou Luoxuan was softened, and he could be ruthless to others. However, he could endure this little palace lady repeatedly, and could let her keep bonus, but she was very happy in it and condoned her.

Agou said, "Otherwise, I go back to him? But I can’t bear you." The fat from the mouth was gone.

Xia Hou Luoxuan realized that the "he" might really exist. He couldn’t help but say, "Who is that person?" Will it be behind the scenes?Or is it just a rival?But the phrase was not willing to please him again, and the expression on his face became very weird.

Agu looked at his face, turned his eyes into his stomach, and asked, "Are you going to give birth?" He squatted in front of him and touched it.

Xia Hou Luoxuan felt that this position was so too much, so she helped her and asked her to sit on her leg and asked, "Can you help me get birth?"

"Oh! It’s just a fetal movement, there is still a period of birth." Xia Hou Luoxuan looked at her innocent eyes, and felt like to be deeply trapped.He kissed her involuntarily.

Agu was widened by kiss, this … this reserve food and want to counterattack!No, you have to bite back.

The two kissed each other for a while. Xia Hou Luoxuan was very satisfied and wanted to continue, but Agu was unwilling, because he was not delicious at all.

上 · Charm Emperor

The news of Agu was disseminated into everyone’s ears in the harem. Some women who were not afraid of death wanted to go out or pick up, but they were all taken back by Agu. You have the ability to be charm!No skill?Then go back and go back to the furnace.

This scene happened to be seen by Xia Hou Luoxuan. He looked at her with a smile on his smile. Agou blushed. This … wasn’t this acknowledging that she was charm the emperor?She was so innocent that she lost it like this!

The emperor’s emperor followed the master Bai Yue behind him, how can he lose the beast, why is there a feeling of seeing parents?

"Agu, I didn’t expect you to like me so much." Xia Hou Luoxuan hugged her and laughed very sensually. "How can you be charm tonight?" Agu lowered his head and was caught.Shy.

snort!The emperor’s mind is full of yellow things. The owner of Bai Yue is ready to kill you. Please be a little worried?

She looked up at Gu Baiyue’s eyes and saw the praise and encouragement in his eyes. Agou didn’t feel happy in his heart, but was full of sadness and perseverance.In fact, the dog emperor was pretty good to her, for her to eat for her, and for her entertainment as food. The most important thing is that he is very gentle and kind to her.

Xia Hou Luo Xuan ignored Gu Baiyue and took Agu to visit the Royal Garden.

Now it is the early spring of all flowers and the breeding of the plain insects.However, when Agu and Gu Baiyue were out of date, Gu Baiyue secretly stuffed a note for her. She quietly hid and was ready to watch it later.

Xia Hou Luoxuan just felt that the Aguto probe was very funny, and laughed at her: "Do you think the flowers will bloom in the land?"

Agu gave a "you don’t understand", saying, "What’s the good of flowers?"

"What do you think look good? Me?"

Agu felt that his skin was so thick, but he also said a little bit. Indeed, his face was much better than flowers.For a while, Agu lost his mind.

Xia Hou Luoxuan took the opportunity to bite Agu’s mouth, a little proud.

Agu’s face was really red this time, she felt very embarrassed.Last time, I thought they were eating, but now she understands that kissing is the dearest person who expresses love with each other. Does it mean that he likes himself?

When Xia Hou Luoxuan didn’t refuse, he kissed enough.He smiled and said, "How is the feeling of charm?"

Agu raised his face and said seriously, "You have to be responsible for me." As a conservative demon beast, innocence is very important.

"Want to be a concubine?"

"Queen." Also, he would never be able to accept concubines in the future.

Xia Hou Luo Xuan looked at her, thinking deeply, and felt like her lion opened, but she felt it for granted.Looking at Agou’s mouth and looking forward to looking forward to himself, he inadvertently promised.

Agou laughed, and it was an innocent look.

Xia Hou Luoxuan looked a little lost for a while, hugging her from behind, and his eyes flashed and said, "Don’t you give some interest now?"

Agu took a generous sip of him. When he wanted to go back, a eunuch ran over panic and kneeling and said, "Qi Qi, some people want to rob Luo concubine, the guard stopped the man in black, and was posing.Pay in the sky prison. "

Xia Hou Luoxuan nodded coldly and nodded, and soon knew who was behind Luo Fei.Instead, he pinched Agu’s face, and said with a pet with a smile: "Remember to charm me tonight."

Agu nodded, just to avoid him to look at the note.

错 · Yin Yiyang Error

Luoxi was seriously injured and sat on the ground. The man who rescued her was tied up. These people Xia Hou Luoxuan recognized that it was the confidant of the past.The beast should also be released by him.Since he values Luoxi so much, it is not necessary to use her in exchange for antidote, but it is not necessarily alive or dead.

Luo Xi knew what he was thinking, and said coldly, "The poisonous beast that hurts you is not released in the past, it is someone else! You have a lot of ruthless and spicy trees, so now you have been retributed.The young girl who has always been around you is the incarnation of the beast. Do you think she really likes you, or is it false about you? Also, you suddenly like her., Mother’s and Ziyu will attract each other, you are calculated. "

Although Xia Hou Luoxuan knew that Agu’s identity was not very simple, she did not expect that she would be the beast … I couldn’t get it in a while, and he was full of anger, just like it would erupt at any time.He thought she was naive because she was used, but it turned out that she was one of the accomplices. Suddenly, there was a hate from the low heart, and how much he trusted her and loved her. Now, how much to her is to herhatred.

Luo Xi continued to contempt: "Even if you are struggling, it is useless, because the former prince is about to attack your emperor, you just wait to be the emperor of the country!"

Xia Hou Luoxuan sneered: "Just by the small country in the district, I want to sting our country? I’m dreamy!"

After returning to the palace, Agu lay on the bed and took out the stripes. It reads: Kill the dog emperor tonight.

The short six words, she was very resistant to her heart. When she thought of Xia Hou Luoxuan into a cold body, she was very uncomfortable.At this moment, she discovered that his position in his heart was getting more and more important.

Suddenly, a large group of guards rushed in, and Agu looked at them blankly. Then she realized that she was still holding the stripes to kill Xia Hou Luoxuan. When she wanted to destroy the dead, Gong Rui caught her and pulled out her hands.The note, just at this time Xia Hou Luoxuan walked to her, took the note, and the words written on it made him cold.

Holding the resentment in his heart, Xia Hou Luoxuan asked: "Agu, you said who is behind the scenes? You can forgive you if you say it."

Agu looked at the situation in front of her, and her eyebrows were low. At this moment, she understood that the emperor’s emperor did not believe her at all. She has always been when she is a bait. Now she wants to let her know the cruel fact.She still reluctantly, a drop of tears slipped from her eyes, and first tasted the taste of love, but she was unforgettable.

"Without behind the scenes, everything is what I have to do. General Guan was gratitude to me, but you killed Zhongliang, and he would take revenge for him!" Agou looked directly at Xia Hou Luoxuan’s eyes, thisI found that there was his reflection in her eyes, and there was a love for him.

The next second, Agu broke free from Gong Gong’s hand and rushed to him, biting his mouth.Xia Hou Luoxuan suddenly did not stand firmly, and the whole person fell to the ground. Agu took the opportunity to cross his mouth into his mouth, but Xia Hou Luoxuan twisted his face and rolled up on the ground.

Rui Gong immediately lifted him up, and Agu was captured again.

Xia Hou Luoxuan gritted his teeth and said, "Even so, do you still have to kill me?"

Agu said coldly, "Yes."

Xia Hou Luoxuan said in a disregard: "Since you have to pull my funeral, then we will be entangled on Huangquan Road. Since you want to go to Wan Snake Yuan like this, then I will let you try it.The snake bite felt … "Before he finished speaking, he fainted.

Agu lowered his eyes, distressed, it turned out that he had been willing and passionate!What do you say to make her a queen is all deceiving.

After Xia Hou Luo Xuan died of death, his belly disappeared unexpectedly. I am afraid that in the end Agu rushed over to give him an antidote, instead of wanting to go with him, but everything could not be recovered.

He remembered that she loved to lie on the table and looked at him with a smile, and the laughter expression. Finally, the picture fixed in her desperate look at him and the tears.Suddenly, a sneaky figure sneaked in secretly, even if the assassin he had no mood to catch it. It turned out that hurting his favorite person was so painful.

When Gu Baiyue saw Xia Houxuan without any defense, he approached him even more boldly, and he must not let Agou sacrifice white white!When he came behind him, he was trying to stab, and Xia Hou Luoxuan was set up quickly.He could not catch him, but he had to not enter the ruler.

Gu Baiyue said angrily: "Xia Hou Luoxuan, you must not die!"

Xia Hou Luoxuan sneered dismissive: "Thank you for telling me that it is moisturizing now." Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, saying, "You are the same party of Agu?"

"Yes! Our ancient family was Zhongliang for generations, but you were ordered by your faint monarch to be chopped. I must get revenge!"

Xia Hou Luoxuan frowned tightly, and it turned out that all this was misunderstanding.So, he put everything out: "I did not kill the ancient general, nor did I have the nine tribe, they were hidden in a safe place. This is just the eye -catching method, in order to let him secretly attack the country, adjust the tiger to leave the mountain, and leave the mountain.In order to attack it, it is almost fruitful now. "

Xia Hou Luoxuan showed the secret letter of Gu Ling’s communication to Gu Baiyue. They have now captured the capital, and they are preparing to return triumphantly.

Gu Baiyue took a step back confused. He didn’t know whether he should be happy or sorrow now. He always had a fool, but he also set up his life: "That Agu …"

Xia Hou Luoxuan lowered his head and said with a sorrowful expression: "Agu has been pushed down the Snake Yuan … dead."

When Gu Baiyue heard the words "Wan Snake Yuan", he froze, and then laughed.Xia Hou Luoxuan thought he was crazy. Who knew that he said excitedly: "If you still want to see Agu, go to Wan Snake Yuan to find her."

Agu is a simple beast. If you fall in love, you have to eat a lot. He just had sufficient food in front of her. She went to the Wan Snake Yuan she had always wanted to go, but she was still happy at all.Before dying ", the emperor’s emperor had been detoxified, and it was not owed.

Agu sighed, swallowed a few snakes with giant poison, touched the round belly, and went to sleep for a while.

In his sleep, Agu pushed away the hand that touched her with restlessly, alas!Who will be so colorful except Emperor Emperor?As soon as he opened his eyes, Xia Hou Luoxuan’s evil face shouted, and Agu pushed him away, who knew that he was held from behind him.

Xia Hou Luoxuan looked at Agu, who looked rosy and fat, and said, "No wonder you want to come to Wan Snake Yuan before, and raise you like a pig."

"You are like a pig! Let me go quickly, or I will poison you!" Agu was struggling desperately, but I couldn’t make it.Then I knew that he was actually pretending to be calm, and he was actually afraid of death.

Xia Hou Luoxuan begged: "Agu, promise me, don’t you leave me again in the future?"

Agu said aggrievedly, "Am I not being" executed "by you?"

Xia Hou Luoxuan kissed the corner of her eyes and said, "Then how can I make you ‘resurrection’?"

Agu hummed coldly and didn’t speak.

At this time, Xia Hou Luoxuan was in a hurry, holding her tighter, Agu was uncomfortable, and it turned into a beast and ran away.Xia Hou Luoxuan looked at the furry little buttocks and laughed. As long as she was there, can she still resist his gentle offensive?

"Agu, don’t you want to eat me? Come and bite me." He made the meat, and she couldn’t come?

Agu stood in the distance, turning her head and looking at him, so she would not be fascinated by meat!

Xia Hou Luoxuan thought that since she didn’t take the initiative to eat, he would send it to the door, anyway, it must be her anyway.

Agu thinks that the beasts who do not bite the meat on the door are not a beast!



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