Although wolfberry is good, don’t eat random!Many people blindly soak water, these three types of people eat it equivalent to suffering

The old saying often says, "Eating wolfberry all year round, life can be aligned with the heavens and the earth." Hello everyone, I am Dr. Zhu of TCM. As people’s living standards improve, the concept of health has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and as the same source of medicine and food, as the same source of medicine and foodWolfberry has also become a standard for health. Many people know that wolfberry can be eaten all year round, and it has the role of prolonging life, but I do n’t know. Only when wolfberry is right, it is beneficial to the body.body.

First of all, let’s take a look at wolfberry, wolfberry is sweet, with a peaceful nature, and enters liver and kidney meridians., Dizziness, tinnitus, blood deficiency and yellowing, thin and thirsty, impotence, nocturnal emission, and tears in the eyes.Like some people often dizzy, inexplicable ears are always buzzing, and the waist is not good or weak, and it cannot be done at all.

Some people look at the yellow muscles thin, the face is waxy, yellow waxy, and the people are thin as a hemp.Can’t eat it; some people have abnormal sexual function, discord in intercourse in husband and wife, and affect family harmony. If there is such a situation, you can often use wolfberry to soak in water.But wolfberry can not be eaten by anyone. It is not recommended to eat wolfberry like the following three types of people.

This first category is a crowd with high blood pressure and too irritable temperament. Wolfberry is warm, good at nourishing, and can nourish the liver and kidney. Like some patients with hypertension caused by hyperthyroidismBecause the liver yang is generally caused by the strong liver fire. Often, it will not be irritable.Not only is it not good for the body, but it will aggravate the condition.

This second category is a crowd of cold and fever. It is said that wolfberry is relatively hot. Like some people are caused by the strong fire of the virtual fire. Originally, the body had exploded quickly because of the virtual fire. At this time, you stillThree meals of wolfberry a day, isn’t it poured on the fire, so the body must not bear this firepower.

This third category is a crowd with weak spleen and stomach, because people with weak spleen and stomach are not very digestible, and wolfberry is a tonic. After eating it, you cannot be digested and absorbed in time.It will cause loss of appetite, snoring, nausea, nausea, etc., so people with weak spleen and stomach are not suitable for eating wolfberry.Well, today I will share with you here. Pay attention to Dr. Zhu and improve your health!

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