angry!The female teacher’s pregnancy is targeted in various targets.

To be tired, the school’s teacher should be counted.Because of the school’s teacher, it is a carrot and one pit. There are teaching tasks to oppress, and you have no time if you want to easily.

Maybe some people say, can your teacher ask for leave?It is not impossible to ask for leave, but after the leave, do you have to catch up with your courses?

This teaching is tightly intertwined every link. You just find a teacher to substitute lesson, and you may have to come back for yourself.Because everyone’s teaching methods are different, students’ adaptation to each teacher is also different. You just don’t want to stir -fry your children, and students are afraid to ask you to make up for him -this is the truth of being a teacher!

For some schools, for the sake of the teachers, they have introduced various wonderful policies.Some schools have issued attendance requirements: Teachers take a leave of 380 once, and 300 are deducted at a time.This principal is cruel!The teachers shouted directly: tired, not ask for leave!

Why should this school introduce such a policy?There is no other reason, because the teacher is not enough to find someone to the shortage.Only this policy is made to use fines to block the gap between teachers for leave.

For leave, some things are required or not, but there are some things, just like female teachers and children, can you not ask for leave?

Earlier, Hebei Media Institute introduced the family planning newspaper system.Three female teachers were informed by the school because they did not report in advance, including reporting criticism, canceling the evaluation of excellent evaluations, deducting performance salary and professional title qualifications.

Look at it, the school has to have a family planning even for female teachers, students, children, and children. It is severely punished without reporting. I do n’t know who gave it to its confidence. Do you look dazzling?

For this category of unfairness for pregnant teachers, in some schools, it has become a very conventional operation, and the purpose is to dig out all the potential of each teacher and serve the school.One teacher therefore published the theme posts.

Teacher Zhang was pregnant for 3 months. Because of the great pregnancy response, the fetal was unstable, the human spirit was very nervous. I was afraid that there would be any accidents. No matter what happened, I was careful and careful.

When the director of the grade asked her to go to the school gate on duty, she chose to refuse.The reason for rejecting is the long time on duty (from 8 am to 12 noon, four hours), and it can’t stand so long.

However, the director of the grade department was tough, saying: "I asked Teacher Zhao, she was five months pregnant, and she said that there was no response in three months. You must go to the gate on duty today."

Although the grade director is reasonable, Mr. Zhang has not bowed his head from his own consideration.Since then, the grade director conference will use Teacher Zhang to talk about things.

It was scolded by people at the nose every day. What is the meaning of this class teacher in front of him? Is it so cheap?Teacher Zhang proposed the position of resigning the class teacher -no care, and was targeted everywhere. Is it interesting?However, the director of her grade department did not agree with her request.

Later, Teacher Zhang asked Teacher Zhao privately, but Teacher Zhao was embarrassed -dare to love the director of the grade department, the two sides flickered!

Teacher Zhao did not arrive in the winter vacation when he was pregnant.At the beginning of the school, she proposed an improper class teacher, but the grade director asked her to end up in the second year of high school.Teacher Zhao gritted his teeth until the end of the senior year, and it was more than nine months at that time!Scary.

And they are not the most exaggerated. The most exaggerated thing is that after a female teacher, after pregnancy, they use each class teacher to have an exemption that can not be in place in one month.

As a result, because he was not in place early, he was asked by the director of the grade department. He also pointed out that this exemption was only targeted at the old teacher.Since then, I have to knock on this female teacher.In the end, the head teacher chose to resolutely do not work before he fled the nightmare.

Are female teachers who are pregnant and having children?And how many female teachers are actually taken care of?Therefore, some netizens voiced that these leaders were not Sun Wukong, and they jumped out of the stone seams, otherwise why would it be targeted at female teachers?Unreasonable!

Dear readers, what do you want to say about female teachers because of pregnancy?Welcome everyone to leave a message and discuss.

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