Annoying stretch marks!How to make it slower and less longer


Pregnancy is a sweet and torment process.The embarrassment in October is the joy of the baby every day, and it is annoying that a series of changes that appear on the body have to accept, and stretch marks belong to one of them.So, what kind of pregnant mothers are prone to stretch marks?Can the occurrence of stretch marks be prevented?In response to these questions, Zheng Xiaoli, a obstetrician inpatient of Shunyi Maternal and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital, will take you to understand the relevant knowledge of "beautiful killers during pregnancy".

Stretch marks are actually a more common pathological change in the skin during pregnancy. It is an expansion pattern that occurs during pregnancy. In the early days, it appeared in dark red or purple -red stripes (more common in the first maternal).Atrophy, stable to white or silver stripes.It is mainly distributed in the abdomen, hips, chest, back, and limbs.During pregnancy, glucocorticoid secretion increases, and the elastic fiber protein decomposition of the skin increases to degenerate elastic fiber; as the uterus increases, the skin tension of the abdominal wall of pregnant women increases.The thickened and expansion of the small skin tube walls, jointly created stretch marks.But we will also notice that not all pregnant mothers will have stretch marks, so there is no other mechanism that may cause stretch marks.

What kind of pregnant mothers are prone to stretch marks?Zheng Xiaoli pointed out the following high -risk factors.First, genetic factors.If the mother grows stretch marks when she is pregnant, then the daughter is likely to produce stretch marks, but this is not absolute, because stretch marks and their own skin repair ability also have a greater relationship.Second, the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast.As mentioned earlier, stretch marks are essentially a kind of expansion pattern. When the supplement during pregnancy is too much and the body fat accumulates rapidly, it will make the belly like a balloon and be blown to the elastic limit.Stretch marks.

Can stretch marks be prevented?Unfortunately, due to this irresistible factor, its production cannot be completely preventive, but we can work hard in other aspects to make it slower and less.

The first thing to do is to control your pre -pregnancy weight and the growth rate of weight loss during pregnancy.The occurrence of stretch marks is that the skin is "supported" before the skin is ready.I don’t want to control this to control the growth rate of weight and avoid increased fat. This can reduce the possibility of stretch marks to a certain extent, but please note that the key point here -the growth rate.In addition, controlling weight before pregnancy, avoiding too fat, can also have a certain effect on preventing stretch marks.The weight growth of pregnant mothers with different weight indexes is also different.

Second, use preventive external drugs.At present, it is believed that the effective external drugs are stretch marks cream, which should be used before stretch marks, but this does not mean that the anti -stretch marks cream can completely curb the occurrence of stretch marks.In addition, what pregnant mothers need to do is to drink full water for the skin, especially the abdomen. Pay attention to moisturizing, increase the elasticity of the skin, and drag as much as possible.

What if you really produce stretch marks?There are also many dermatologists working hard and exploring the beauty of pregnant mothers.

Source: WeChat public account of Women and Child Health Hospital, Shunyi District, Beijing

Editor in charge: Wang Kunshuo

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