Aoi Aoi: Two months of pregnancy stop, I feel that the sky is going to collapse

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Aoi, from marriage to pregnancy, has a lot of controversy.

As long as she share daily life on social platforms, there will be a lot of bad voices.

Even the accident stopped a while ago, Aoi Aoi was suffering from criticism.

Although Aoi has been married for many years and has a cute twin baby, it is still not friendly to the mother on the Internet.

"She even asked!"

"Her husband’s heart is so big!"

"It’s not surprising that she stops your fetus! After all, there is a little occupational disease after all!"

In this case, for a mother who has just lost her baby, it is really unfriendly.

As a mother said: No matter what she used to be, at least she was living a normal life very seriously!She is doing her mother carefully!

Speaking of his experience of stopping his fetus, Aoi Aoi is very heartbroken.

At the age of 40, she has been pregnant for more than a year, and she is pregnant with her baby after two artificial pregnancy. She is looking forward to this baby.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal sac and fetal heart were also checked, because the fetal sac was not very good, and she was just a little worried at first.

Two weeks later, the growth of the fetal sac is not very obvious, but she could hear her baby’s heartbeat, which made her feel at ease and moved.

But at the beginning of March, when she went to the birth check in 2 months of pregnancy, the baby had no heartbeat. At that moment, she was completely stunned.

"The doctor repeatedly checked it many times, but still did not detect the baby’s heartbeat!"

Aoi was unable to accept this fact. He also changed the hospital for examination. He got the same result: the baby stopped developing!

When the baby’s fetal stopped, the abortion became the only choice. When the doctor said about abortion surgery, her tears burst into tears.

Moms who have experienced fetal stops know that the baby who is looking forward to ushered in, at the moment of knowing the fetal stop, really feels that the sky is going to collapse.

In the end, Aoi Aoi performed abortion surgery. The operation was very tight. After that, he experienced very serious bleeding, but fortunately everything was unhappy.

After experiencing fetal stops, Aoi Aoi understands the preciousness of the healthy growth of the fetus. In the future, she will adjust her mentality and body, and use a better state to welcome the baby’s bring.

The fetal stop is a great blow to every expectant parent.

Many mothers have experienced it.

Dong Xuan mentioned his experience of stopping his fetus in the show. For 50 days of pregnancy, the baby suddenly had no heartbeat!

"Obviously pregnant, but the fetus stops developing."

"At that moment, it collapsed particularly, and it felt like the sky was falling."

Although it was a past years after many years, it was mentioned again that Dong Xuan still burst into tears. There was a baby who had been here, but TA quietly left, the kind of collapse, hitting the heart.

Taiwanese actress Zhao Xiaoqiao, three test tubes, more than 100 stitches, took an average of 25 medicines per day, and the daily plugged medicine, pressed by injection …

After the hard -working baby, the baby stopped at 16 weeks of pregnancy: the baby was very good, the amniotic fluid was also very good, and the spine of TA was beautiful. We are all optimistic about the restaurant for gender!

But all the beautiful expectations, as the baby’s fetal stopping into a bubble, this experience, Zhao Xiaoqiao will choke as long as he mentioned.

Pregnancy has also collected the topic of fetal stops with mothers, and many mothers share their experiences.

"8 weeks is the time of the child in this world, and it is also the day we have gone together. We have taken the name of the baby’s milk … Now it’s almost two months old.It takes time to release it. People who have not experienced will not know what is called without signs and sudden. "

"The 20 -week production test found that the fetus stopped and there was no symptoms of discomfort. In the end, the labor was induced, the pain was really, the tears were crying! After seeing the immunohistan, I got the treatment plan, and prepared for pregnancy!"

After pregnancy, I went to the hospital with joy to check. As a result, the doctor said that the fetus stopped. At that moment, I felt that the whole world lost color. The feeling of being broken and cracking made people unprepare for a long time!

Why is it stopped?

Moms who have experienced fetal stops will ask: Why do you stop your fetus?Did I do something badly affecting the baby’s development?

The fetus stops, as the name suggests, the fetus stops developing, and it shows that the fetal heartbeat is gone. That is to say, the living life in the stomach disappears at a certain time, without any clinical symptoms!

Most tires occur at about 10 weeks, and there are also 16 weeks, 20 weeks, or even 30 weeks when some fetal stops occur in the early stages of pregnancy.

Fetal stop is a kind of abortion in the early pregnancy.Because the cervix is still closed at this time, this abortion will not even bleed, so it is also called "expiration abortion" or "silent abortion".

There are many reasons for fetal stopping, but unless there are many history of abortion, it is difficult to know the reason for most of the time, and it is difficult to get related to the life habits of pregnant mothers.

Therefore, if you encounter a fetal stop, mothers must not be too blame. Most of the fetal stops are abnormal embryos itself, which has nothing to do with the pregnant mother itself.

How do I know if the fetus has a fetal stop?

In fact, many fetal stops were checked during pregnancy. Generally, after 8 weeks of menopause, the ultrasonic examination has not been detected and the fetal heart fluctuations have not yet been detected.

If you do not check the fetal stop at the B -ultrasound, then the only sign of signs may be that the symptoms of pregnancy disappear, such as nausea, breast pain, fatigue and other symptoms.

If this happens around 10 weeks of pregnancy, it may be a sign of fetal stop.

Some people will have some discomfort during pregnancy after the fetus is stopped. That is that the body has not responded immediately, and even a few weeks after the fetus stops.

What caused the tire stop?

There are various reasons, or some reasons, but in many cases, unless multiple fetal stops, it is difficult to find the reasons behind tire stops. The most common reasons are:

① The chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus

More than 50%of embryos are abnormal in chromosome development. In short, the quality of this embryo is not good. It is not suitable for continuing to grow, and it is eliminated.

The complex conception process requires everything to be carried out in the perfect timing and is carried out in order to keep the healthy pregnancy continuing. The eggs must be fertilized with sperm. The father has 23 chromosomes, and the mother has 23 chromosomes.The cells are divided and then implanted in the palace wall. Even if a trivial matter is wrong, pregnancy may not continue.

② Blood condensation block disorder

Mother’s blood coagulation disorder (thrombosis disorder) can cause blood clots in the small and most vulnerable blood vessels in the placenta or umbilical cord.These blood clots can hinder blood flow, causing the fetus to stop the fetus due to hypoxia and ischemia.

③ Umbilical cord reversing

The umbilical cord may cut the fetal blood supply and oxygen supply on the neck or limbs. If it occurs in the early pregnancy, the fetal heartbeat may stop.

④ Mother infection

Sometimes when the mother is infected with certain diseases, it may have harmful effects on the fetus in the early pregnancy, causing the fetal heartbeat to stop, including toxoplasma, giant cell virus, herpes and rubella, and the mother’s own immune factors, endocrine factors, anatomical factors, Infection factors, environmental pollution, bacterial infection, or male sperm abnormalities, etc., can also cause embryo to stop.

⑤ Luteone hormone deficiency

After pregnancy, the body needs progesterone to successfully pregnancy, but if the level of progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy is too low, the fetus may prevent the baby’s heart stop beating.

⑥ Age factor

Age is also an important factor that causes tire stop. With the increase of age, the body’s reproductive system function is gradually declining, the number and quality of the eggs are also declining, and the abortion rate has also begun to increase. According to the survey results: In the entire crowd, the entire crowd can be able to be able to get through the crowd.During the diagnosis, the abortion rate was about 15%; at the age of 35, the abortion rate was 25%, the 40-year-old abortion rate was about 35%, and the abortion rate had reached 50-60%at the age of 45.

⑦ Unhealthy way

For example, smoking, drinking, or using drugs, these bad living habits may also cause fetal stopping.

What should I do if the fetus stops?

Doctors will choose the most suitable way to deal with according to the results of the diagnosis and physical condition.

● If you have less than 12 weeks of pregnancy, doctors will provide three different treatment methods: natural abortion, drug induction of labor, and clearing the palace.

● If you have stopped your child for 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can do the following: drug induction of labor, clearing the palace surgery.

For specific treatment methods, doctors will formulate them according to the specific situation of each person.

Many mothers collapse after abortion, allowing themselves to be sad, but do n’t blame themselves, do n’t lose hope. Pregnancy is a complicated process. It requires every link to be perfect.wrong.

Most of the abnormal embryos are developing abnormalities, which has nothing to do with her mother. Natural survival of the fittest is to give birth to a healthy and healthy baby in the future. The most important thing is to raise their bodies.

When can I get pregnant again after the fetus stops?

Under normal circumstances, doctors recommend waiting for 3-6 months to prepare for pregnancy to give the body a recovery time. The most important thing is to adjust their emotions.

When you are preparing for pregnancy again, do this well to help more smooth and healthier pregnancy:

① Do a good pre -pregnancy examination in advance.Do n’t worry too much about a fetal stop. The couple can do a good pre -pregnancy examination. If the fetus stops 2 or 3 times, you need to see the maternity expert and do a detailed examination.

② Good rest.Resting is very important. Successful nutritional supplements and sleep can restore the body faster and help healthier babies.

③ Protect yourself from infection.Do not insert anything into the vagina 4 weeks after abortion to prevent infection. Do not use cotton strips.

④ Taking prenatal vitamins.Before preparing for pregnancy, you need to take prenatal vitamins, especially folic acid, which can not only reduce the chance of re -miscarriage, but also prevent fetal development.

⑤ There is a healthy lifestyle.If you want to have a baby as soon as possible, you must adjust your mood and body, and use the best state to welcome the arrival of new life.

● Keep a healthy diet.Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, a healthy diet can reduce abortion by up to 50 %.

● Quit harmful habits.Quit smoking and alcohol abstain from illegal drugs, but also properly control the intake of caffeine.

● Reduce stress.The pressure over the meeting has caused a lot of problems, which is very unfavorable to pregnancy, and measures should be taken.

⑥ Keep a healthy sex life.The first 4 days of ovulation and ovulation day (usually the 14th day of the 28 -day cycle) are the best time for fertility. High -efficiency sexual life can help pregnancy.

The last thing to say is that if the fetus stops twice, before the third pregnancy, you should cooperate with the doctor to check whether there is a health problem in the body!

More importantly: Moms do not blame the causes of fetal stopping on themselves. Most of the fetal abortion is stopped.Gui and self -blame!

Just as a netizen mother said:

Little baby, you must like your mother very much,

Every mother was selected by TA himself.

If TA cannot meet you smoothly for some reason,

Don’t blame TA, don’t blame yourself,

TA likes you so much, one day you will meet again!

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