Are these baby dreams during pregnancy?See which one you have done?

It is normal for dreaming. Many mothers will have some "fetal dreams" before or after pregnancy. Some people say that these fetal dreams are reported by the baby.What kind of baby dreams do you have during pregnancy?Here are the dreams of several expectant mothers.

Dreams are fantasy:

@小: When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed that the bodhisattva was floating over the sky, and I followed two children, and had the same dream for several days, and her husband and his dream turned out to be the same.I found that I was pregnant a month later!

@Aunt Zhang: I remember that when my aunt was postponed for a few days, I dreamed that a god said to him one night: I took your baby’s seat belt home and took good care of her.Later, I woke up and hurriedly used the pregnancy test stick to test. Sure enough, I found that I was pregnant, because the happiness came too suddenly. The next day, her husband took her to the hospital for examination. It was right.The family reports the good news.

@: I was infertile five years after marrying my husband, and I washed my face with tears almost every day. When I was about to collapse, I dreamed that I dreamed of kneeling in front of the portrait of Guanyin. I kneel for two days and two nights.When I couldn’t support it in the end, I suddenly heard someone say, go home, the child is back.It was awake at that time, and later found that I was really pregnant.After two months of pregnancy, once dreaming that two children had been laughing at herself, the child disappeared when she walked over.Later, Ping An gave birth to a bunch of twins.

There are snakes in dreams:

@: Children who have only been married for six years have started to have any hope.One day dreamed of going out, a small snake bit his heel on a large lake.My colleague and I talked about my dream, they said, "Broken, you have children!I went home and bought a test paper at night. The result was really two red bars. I quickly called my husband. He returned from Beijing overnight. The next day, my eyes were crying.Now the child is eleven years old and has excellent grades. Thank you God for your care for me!

@: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a little golden snake, twisted to me to talk to me, and then someone called him, he left, he told me before leaving, do n’t be afraid, I will protect you in the future, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you, you will protect you.I asked me three times and I came out.Then it flew into the air, it was really Jin Chancan’s little snake.Later, he gave birth to his son, and now it is nine months.

Dreaming flowers:

@: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a peach blossom, a very beautiful peach blossom, and there was no such beautiful flower in the world. When I was amazed, my brother folded a peach blossom, I scolded him, soBeautiful flowers also made hands.Later, I dreamed of beautiful little flowers and dreamed of lush grass.In the end, I gave birth to a daughter. I did n’t worry about it since I was born.She never do what I don’t like, as long as she makes my mother happy, and the medicine that is bitter will also drink.It feels like my daughter has spoiled me since I was a child. When I was young, I was afraid that I was tired, and often persuaded my father. As long as my mother was happy, she was my mother.My daughter said she would take care of me to protect me in the future.I also said that I would be my daughter in my next life.

Many pregnant women have had fetal dreams. Although many people say that it is just a dream and cannot be taken seriously, many people have admitted that clear dreams have indeed given themselves a lot of psychological hints. The elderly often say that some fetal dreams have some baby dreams.For signs, children come to report grace.Which one have you done?

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