Are you curious about the common mating method of dogs?

When the dog arrives in a certain month, it will be estrus. This is the sign of their growth.So are you curious about the common mating method of dogs?The answer will be revealed below.

⑴ "Mandatory mating": If it is a pet dog raised at home, many times, their mating objects are chosen by the owner.There is also a male dog willing, the bitch is unwilling, but the strong side has defeated, so the bitch can only be forced to accept.

Some bitches have a strong revenge, and after the mating, they will bite the dog.

⑵ "Natural mating": This method is the most common among dogs. Under their voluntary premise, find objects by themselves and breed the next generation.Especially the dogs who are wandering in the wild are basically breeding in this way.

This is why people want to give stray dog sterilization. If you ignore it, there will only be more stray dogs.

(3) "Artificial assistance": Some dogs may be the first time that there is no experience in mating, or the body shape is not matched, and human help requires them to make them smoothly.

During the dog mating process, the pet owner needs to be assisted to make them conceive successfully.

”" Machine Assistance ": When people want to breed new dogs, or try to improve dogs, they choose to help insemination and let the bitch be pregnant with puppies.

This mating method requires professional equipment and technology, which can only be seen in large -scale breeding grounds.

1. The bitch is only about two months of pregnancy. The owner can determine whether he is pregnant based on its physical change.

2. Over time and the development of the fetus, the embryo gradually develops in the uterus. After about 28 days of development, through the touch, you can feel the liquid in the fetal membrane.Born puppy.

3. If you want to know if the dog is pregnant, you can use ultrasound.This method can not only detect whether the dog is pregnant, but also to determine whether the fetus survives by recording the heartbeat of the fetus.

4. When the bitch is pregnant, you need to supplement nutrition appropriately.You can boil some chicken breasts, beef, and fish to feed it. If the bitch’s appetite does not like to eat, you can boil some soup to strengthen it to strengthen nutrition.Choose a comprehensive dog food in daily life. Both vitamins and trace elements must be available to provide nutritional supplements for bitch.

5. The newborn puppy is best to breast milk. If the mother’s milk is not enough, you can feed sheep milk powder to digest and absorb it.Remember to add a variety of nutrients to puppies, so that dogs have performed well in the intestinal, bones, fur, physique, and intellectual development.When the puppy is 2 months old, you can start feeding puppies.

Conclusion: Do you intend to let your dog breed?

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