Are you dreaming?

Psychology believes that when we are in a fast -moving stage when we sleep, they often accompany the dreams. When we wake up, some dreams will forget, and some impressive dreams will enter our consciousness. Let us remember deep memory.Essence

The appearance of many things is not accidental, and there are reasons and significance behind it. Then this part of our memory of our memory is a signal given us by the body, so that we can find and understand ourselves, so dreams are part of our subconscious consciousness partWe must never ignore him.

Early in the morning, a friend of me called me and said that I had a nightmare last night. I was so scary, so I started telling my dream.

It turned out that my friend dreamed that his wife suddenly ran away with others last night, and left the child. He was so angry that he hurried to find it everywhere. As a result, the dream was full.I found it, and fought with the man and took him into the hospital.

His wife told herself that she and that person had nothing to do. They met online and wanted to meet. After meeting, she just slept together, playing and chatting, and nothing happened. I just felt that the other person could understand himself.Now I decide not to meet again, I hope to get my friends for understanding.

If she couldn’t forgive, she would leave the child. At this time, he said that he chose to believe his wife and promised to forgive her, as long as she would be good in the future.But he said that he felt really aggrieved in the dream, and he woke up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, it was a dream.

Now I am very depressed and my psychological feelings are blocked. I asked what happened, and I suddenly had this dream.

Because I have been an old friend for many years, I know very well about his family situation. In addition, I asked his emotional and recent situation, and I knew the reason and explanation of his dreams.

Research on dreams in the field of psychology shows that dreams are a reflection of subconsciousness on ourselves and the outside world. For details, let’s understand the interpretation of different academic dreams of psychology.

1. Psychoanalysis psychology -Freud and Jung representatives believe that dreams are the impulses and desires that our emotions have been suppressed in the subconscious for a long time.It is the reflection of people’s long -term suppressed sexual instincts and their own attack instinct.

Case analysis: The theory of psychoanalysis school can explain the above cases. Recently, two things happened in my friend. One thing was to buy a house under the urging of his wife a few years ago.The house is now price reduction, and he can’t wait to insomnia every day, but he feels that his wife is still very satisfied with the house.

Another thing is that his wife is pregnant and is about to produce. In addition, the epidemic salary is halved, so he has been under pressure recently, but he can’t tell his wife, he can only endure himself.

Therefore, in the dream, friends’ recent pressure and aggressive psychology have become another emotional competitive man and snatched his wife away, but in reality, his wife is pregnant again. Even if he is angry, he can only let his wife.Forgive his wife to urge the pressure and distress caused by buying a house, and can only make himself aggrieved.

The dream reminder that my friend’s recent pressure and anxiety coefficients have been too high, and have affected their relationship with the relationship between husband and wife, so I should adjust my mentality.

2. Hobbes of physiological psychology believes that the essence of dreams is the subjective reflection of our random nerve activity of the brain.In other words, dreams are the corresponding reflection of our changes in the experience of brain nerve activity.

Case analysis: Friends have recently been stimulated by the incident, causing changes in the brain nerve, and there will be a reflection of emotional reactions such as tension, anxiety, anger and other changes in the brain mechanism.It shows that dreams are the subjective reflection of the brain.

3. Cognitive psychology believes that dreams are responsible for certain cognitive functions.In sleep, the cognitive system also screens, integrates, and consolidates the storage knowledge. Some of the information has entered a consciousness, called dreams.

Case analysis: Friends’ cognitive and consolidation process of two things is also undergoing sleep. Some of them will start to appear in the consciousness when they enter the consciousness.But this dream is also a reflection of the recent psychological feelings of the incident.

The meaning of self -protection, the plot of dreams helps the individual’s self -protection and emotional vent, just like my friend, there may be no way to vent and talk about this stress and irritability in real life, but you can cry in the dream, you can complain in the dream, you can complain about complainingWife can attack another man.So it is the function of self -protection.With the role of prompt information, I will prompt you some information you have not realized at present in your dreams. Just like buying a house, although the wife is urged, but after all, he is also a participant and will not push the responsibility to the other party, but the dream is dreaming, but the dream is in the dream, but the dream is in the dream, but the dream is in the dream, but the dream is in the dream.The responsibility of the middle is the opponent and the other person’s fault, so it is prompted that my friend is in a subconscious complaining and accusing his wife, but in reality, there is no way to do the rational consciousness.

In the Christian Bible, Jesus’ parents Maria and Joseph were reminded in their dreams. They took the little Jesus to escape the difficulty again and again, so dreams would also have the role of prompt information for people.After the integration of trivial events, after a lot of things in life, all the events will be integrated in dreams, and more real answers can be obtained through dreams.A professor of psychological professor in my university will record my dream every day. After analyzing the dream, I will give myself a overall understanding and answer to what I have experienced.

There are also many scholars who have heard of research on research, and the research that Zhaoshi thought of was not a solution. There was a answer in the dream. This is another combination of dreams.It has psychotherapy, and the individual’s reflection of the event in the dream often shows the inherent ability of individuals in real life.I remember that I often dreamed of when I was a kid. When I dreamed of ghosts, I would be particularly scared and helpless, and was killed. Slowly, as I felt and recognized myself, when I felt that I was strong, I found that when I encountered ghosts againDefeat them.

So through the dream, it also allows self to grow.

We understand the positive impact of dreams and its positive impact, so remind us that if you wake up in the morning, you can remember the dream or impressive dreams, we must consciously analyze and aware.This is also a very important way to understand yourself.

There are too many troubles and pains in life, let us forget to pay attention to ourselves, then since today, love ourselves, understand ourselves and treat ourselves, and start with our dreams!

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