Are you ready for sexual life during pregnancy?

It is the time arrangement of sexual life during pregnancy, precautions, and prohibitions.You can also let the dad pay attention to it, are you ready?I want to start ~

Sexual life schedule during pregnancy:

Early pregnancy: minimize sexual life as much as possible to avoid too much irritation of the fetus.

In the middle of pregnancy: Enjoy sexual life appropriately, and properly meet the sexual desire needs of expectant mothers.

Late pregnancy: Avoid sexual life and reduce the possibility of premature birth.

36 weeks of pregnancy: To prevent sex and avoid the situation that is not conducive to childbirth before giving birth.

Precautions during pregnancy:

1. During my wife’s pregnancy, the husband should be gentle, considerate, patient, and be able to understand all the changes and discomforts of the psychological and physiological of the wife during pregnancy.

2. Sexual intercourse Dads should not press the weight to the abdomen of the expectant mother to avoid the position that directly stress the mother’s abdomen.

3. Use the pillow cleverly to let expectant mothers find the most comfortable posture. The prospective father should try to stay vertical with the body curve of the expectant mother.

4. When enjoying intimacy, the prospective dad should avoid too stimulating the private parts of the expectant mother. Remember not to insert your fingers into the vagina.

5. Moms have many vaginal secretions and weak resistance. Before sexual intercourse, they need to clean their private parts to ensure hygiene.

6. Sexual intercourse in the third trimester is very easy to cause premature breaking fetal membrane. The number of sexual intercourse and strength should not be too strong, and the posture should not be oppressed by the abdomen and breasts.

7. Sexual life is prohibited after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

8. The prospective father must take care, understand, and respect the expectant mother, and it is strictly forced to force the expectant mother to carry out sexual life

9. The time and strength of sexual life must be controlled, try to avoid too intense, and the time should be shortened within 3 minutes.

Forbidden matters during pregnancy:

1. Those who have had multiple abortion such as artificial abortion or habitual abortion.

2. The position of the placenta is too close to cause bleeding.

3. After 36 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy poisoning.


5. Pregnant women suffer from severe complications, including pregnancy hypertrophy, diabetes, severe heart disease, etc.

6. Obvious inflammation of the cervix or vagina.

7. Due to other reasons, doctors have clearly prohibited expectant mothers who have sex with sex.

Little nanny reminder: There will be great personal differences in each Baoma in the condition of pregnancy. When the mothers are not sure whether their physical condition is suitable for sexual life, it is best to consult their attending doctors.And follow the doctor’s advice.

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