As long as the pregnant woman breaks through these three levels, the fetus is basically safe, and the pregnant mother can rest assured to raise the fetus

Some people say, "I am pregnant, just go away from the ghost door."Pregnant mothers need to be careful while pregnancy, and be cautious from time to time.During pregnancy, expectant mothers should spend heavy difficulties with the baby in the stomach, and carefully meet the birth of the baby. So what is the three most sad level during pregnancy?

Be careful about abortion in the early pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, there will be great changes in psychological and physiological, and the fetus is also the most unstable period at this time.Clinical data shows that about 10%-20%of pregnant women will have abortion, while the first three months are the highest probability of abortion.

Many abortion is caused by abnormal chromosomes or genes of the fetus. From the beginning of the plan to be pregnant, whether it is a pregnant mother or a pregnant dad, it is necessary to stay away from high -risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol radiation, toxic and harmful substances. At the same time, you must pay attention to nutrients.Increase, additional three months of pregnancy and three months of pregnancy must be supplemented with extra folic acid to reduce the risk of fetal nerve tube deformity.

Dispels in the middle of pregnancy

When the four -dimensional and Tang Si and other examinations are the most anxious when pregnant women are most anxious. At this time, the examination can help pregnant women find out whether the fetus is normal, so pregnant women will be particularly anxious.

In fact, as long as pregnant women are conceived in a safe environment, there are no places where pollution is particularly serious. The fetus is generally healthy.Examinations such as Tang Si can completely rest assured that the pregnant woman will be completely assured that the heart of the pregnant woman will be completely put into the belly.

During the third trimester -break through premature delivery

The third trimester means that from the 28 weeks of pregnant women, even from the end of the childbirth (to 40 weeks), which includes August, September, and October 3 months of pregnancy.In the third trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother needs to pay attention to whether the fetus shows premature birth.During the third trimester, the fetus is basically mature and may be born at any time.If the pregnant mother finds that the lower abdomen is swollen and has indirect pain, there is a pink secretion on the underwear, or there is amniotic fluid flowing out, which is the signal that the fetus needs to produce prematurely.

After reading these knowledge, do you know which three levels should be paid attention to expectant mothers during pregnancy?Pregnancy is a particularly arduous thing for mothers. It must not only endure physical changes, but also have a strong psychological support.For the health of the fetus, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to their usual habits and wish each baby to be born safely.

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