At 20 weeks of pregnancy, this examination of the pregnant mother will be at ease

The second mother knows that in the 20 weeks, we will have a large row, which is the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound that we often call.Many expectant mothers were hanging in their hearts before doing this inspection. They were afraid that they could not get off. Only with the B -ultrasound, the doctor said that everything was very good. At this time, it would be relieved.Why is this test so important?Today, the idiom Mummy is here to talk about this topic.

Discrosaurus examination is mainly to check whether the baby’s facial features, limbs, and various organs inside are used through four -dimensional color photos. Blood testing and urine tests are general conventional examinations, mainly depending on whether anemia is anemia.Generally speaking, pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and it is best not to exceed 28 weeks.This week, many mothers will also see the baby’s first photo, and the baby’s appearance has formed.Moms and dads have seen it, and they will definitely feel very warm.

What fetal malformations can be found in large rows of abnormal examinations?

1. Facial malformations on the fetus: such as cleft lip and palate.

2. Neurological deformity: no brain, hydrocephalus, small head deformity, spinal fissure, and meningioplastment swelling.

3. Digestive system deformity: umbilical and intestine swelling, visceral extraction, intestinal locking, and giant colon.

4. Urinary system deformity: kidney accumulated water, polycystic kidney and giant bladder, urethral obstruction.

5. Other deformities: short limb deformity, curl deformity, four heart cavity, etc.

The row of deformed examination is so important. What are the precautions for pregnant mothers?

1. Exercise

Before the pregnant mother, remember to walk more before the abnormal examination.This is conducive to the best position of fetal fetal position.When the fetal position is the best, all the situation of the baby can be fully displayed in front of the obstetrician, reducing some organs of the baby’s organs that are unclear or invisible due to the fetal position relationship.

2. Pregnant mothers eat some chocolate properly

When the pregnant mother checks, eat a little chocolate appropriately, so as to keep the fetus excitement and let the fetal position return to the best position.

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