At 26 weeks of pregnancy, do you want to do fetal supervision?

Electronic fetal heart monitoring (fetal supervision) is one of the important production examination items for a period of time before the baby is born. By depicting the relationship between fetal movement, uterine contraction and fetal heart rate, it is preliminarable to determine whether the fetus is hypoxic in the palace.Measures to reduce the incidence of distress.

So when can you start to monitor?

Recently, pregnant mothers often ask: I have been pregnant for 26 weeks, do I want to do fetal supervision?Specific mothers came to the obstetric clinic, and some had just determined that pregnancy was determined, and some even exceeded the due date. The pregnant mothers who often saw other pregnant mothers often had questions about other pregnant mothers.Do you do it, just listen to me for half a minute, the fetal heart is over?The fetal heart rate rose briefly when the fetal movement, indicating that the fetal autonomic nerve function is normal.The gestational week is too small, and the autonomic nerve development is not perfect, so it is meaningless to do fetal supervision.At present, it is not recommended for regular fetal supervision for low -risk groups. Unless other abnormalities are found in the checkup, it is generally a full month (37 weeks).For high -risk people, it is recommended to start at 32 weeks of pregnancy, and the condition needs to be the earliest to 28 weeks in advance.

What factors are affected by fetal supervision?

The fetal heart rate diagram is a fluctuating ribbon -shaped curve formed by instantaneous fetal heart records, which reflects the fetus in the palace at that time, and is suffered from the fetal sleep state, mothers (taking medicine, mother disease, hypoglycemia, excessive exercise), raising their heads)Placement of looseness and other influences.For example, the fetus is sleeping, the mother is hungry and low blood sugar, a cold, fever, fatigue, etc., can cause abnormal fetal supervision and poor score.By improving the above situations, such as eating, rest, treating the corresponding diseases to cool down, adjust the probe, etc., you can pass the fetal supervision smoothly.

What is normal?

First of all, evaluate the line of fetal heart base, whether it is in the blue box, is this line fluctuating or straight. Whether the fetal heart is accelerated when the fetal movement is moved. Most of these problems can be judged by most of these problems.Of course, the criteria for judging during different gestational weeks and whether there is no contractions. For some special situations, professional obstetricians need to be judged.

In short, the fetal supervision is only one of the indicators to judge whether the fetus is hypoxic in the palace. It needs to be combined with factors such as fetal movement, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord to conduct comprehensive assessments. It is not possible to believe that the fetal supervision cannot be paid attention to.

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