At about 21 weeks of pregnancy, what does the baby look like?Bao Ma can learn about it

The magic of life is that from a primitive germ cells, it gradually develops into a mature individual, which requires more than ten months.

For parents, the baby is very valued in the mother’s belly.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will not resign and go to the hospital for relevant examinations. From the initial inconspicuous embryos, they can see the baby’s face and body clearly in the end. All of them contain parents’ expectations.

So, what will it look like a baby with 21 cycles?

1. Basically formed

Many pregnant mothers will feel that when they are just beginning to be checked, they find that the baby is still a little bit, so at this time, it is not clear that the baby is a boy or a girl.

In fact, with the continuous growth of the baby, its limbs and facial features will slowly appear. By 21 weeks, it is basically clear that the baby’s face and limbs are.The gender, through the B -ultrasound, can also be discovered, but it cannot be reported, so doctors will not say.

2. It can be found whether there are abnormalities

Whether it is the baby’s heart or the baby’s facial features, if there is a problem at this time, it can basically be detected, so during this period, you can find that there is a heart or other organs.It is really impossible to treat it, you can consider induction of labor.

In addition, pregnant mothers should not think that this time is when the baby is already formed, so there is no need to worry about life. This is wrong, because the outside environment can still cause some malformation changes.

3. After 21 weeks, what should I do in the later period

No speed, etc.If these problems are not, you can wait quietly.

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