At the age of 54, she lost her mother with a hard time and then gave birth to a healthy baby boy

Red Net Moment News November 28 (Correspondent Liu Jia Jia Xiazhou) is 54 years old. Many people are older. However, Ms. Cheng, who lives in Hubei Province, has become a mother again at this age.

In 2021, her child died of depression, and Ms. Cheng almost "cried all night".She once felt the meaning of life, because her relatives "can try whether to regenerate a child" to re -ignite hope.After hardship and sadness, at the age of 54, she finally became pregnant through test tubes.

Ms. Cheng was pregnant as a "super -old mother". In order to give birth, she chose to inspect the maternal and child health hospital in Hunan Province. After learning about Ms. Cheng’s condition, the obstetrician gave her a professional medical support for each birth check.There are also patient psychological counseling and meticulous health management.Finally, Ms. Cheng’s baby was successful in full moon, near the due date, and stayed at Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital for delivery.Doctors have decided to perform cesarean section surgery for the elderly and physical function of pregnant women.

On November 21, a male baby was successfully delivered after a cesarean section.Ms. Cheng, 54, has finally ushered in a new life in the second department of women and children in Hunan Province. This family who has experienced suffering can also regain happiness!

Director of the Section Second Division Jia Xiaosu proposed that giving birth to a baby in medicine is not worthy of advocating. It is a good choice in the appropriate age.The risk of incidence increased.The probability of chronic diseases for elderly pregnant women increases. It is recommended that the management of older pregnancy specifications should pay attention:

1. Evaluation of a comprehensive health status before pregnancy

Learn whether to suffer from chronic diseases, infectious diseases, genetic diseases, etc.; Those who have chronic diseases, including high blood pressure diabetes heart disease, chronic renal function, etc. should accept whether it is suitable for pregnancy; elderly women with a cesarean section history, it is recommended to routinely travel routineB -ultrasound check and evaluate the uterine incision, inform the scar uterine pregnancy -related knowledge and the risk of re -pregnancy; for elderly women with uterine fibroids or benign tumors of the ovarian, comprehensive assessment of tumor size, whether it affects conception, and the course of course time should be performed.Those with cervical epithelial tumors become CINI-II and stable condition for more than 2 years of follow-up, and elderly women who can conceive all pregnancy can be prepared for pregnancy guidance.

2. Pregnancy management

After pregnancy, you need to conduct a standard checkup, as well as discovery of complications and complications in time.In addition to reasonable nutrition during pregnancy, ensuring sleep, suitable exercise, and self -monitoring, such as blood pressure and weight, if headaches, dizziness, pain, nausea, vomiting and other abnormalities occur immediately, you should immediately see it;The important stage of growth and development and various abnormal phenomena, in addition to routine examination, should pay attention to the screening of fetal malformations, and strictly conduct prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis. Pregnant women should prefer to invade sexual prenatal diagnosis, but there are 0.5–1.0%of the risk of abortion, infection, and amniotic fluid leakage, refusal to invade sexual prenatal diagnosis can consider the detection of non -invasive prenatal genetic testing, but you should understand its limitations.B-ultrasound screening is recommended to be carried out in 20-24 weeks and 30-32 weeks to remove abnormalities and understand the development of the fetus. When necessary, the sexual resonance test or fetal chromosome nuclear analysis and genetic testing are required.

3. During childbirth and postpartum

The death of the elderly pregnant women and the risks in the fetal death palace are all increased. During the birth process, pay attention to mental state, pay attention to energy supplement, strictly monitor blood pressure changes, and properly relax the indicator of cesarean section.Postpartum bleeding should be alert to postpartum bleeding, guiding breastfeeding and postpartum rehabilitation, reducing postpartum depression, and strengthening the rehabilitation training of the bottom of the pot.

"After the country introduced the three -child policy, there are more and more adult pregnant mothers who plan to have a baby, but they must be allowed to give birth to three babies under the permission of physical and psychological conditions." Director Jia said.In her opinion, the old "fighting" baby also needs to do it.

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