At this time, pregnancy is too comfortable for pregnant mothers and fetuses!Really envious

Is there the most suitable season for pregnancy?Shouldn’t you get pregnant at all times?

Indeed, you can get pregnant at all times, but not all pregnancy has a good result, such as pre -pregnancy examinations, pre -pregnancy diseases, supplementary nutrients, and the laws of life that should be adjusted.

In autumn, it may not be a particularly good season for the baby, but for women who want to get pregnant, it is really suitable. This suitable refers to: people are less sins.

It can be described as the time and place of people, such as::

1. Weather

The weather in autumn is very suitable. The average temperature is about 10 degrees to 22 degrees. It will not be hot or cold, and the sun will not be so large. This is the natural and superiority created by pregnant women in autumn.Comfortable, suitable for going out, dating, playing, and more suitable for having children.

When the childbirth is in the late spring and early summer, the confinement is more comfortable, it will not be irritable, the clothes you wear are thinner, and it is convenient to breastfeed.

2. Diet

In autumn, air temperature decreases, and human appetite gradually increases, just to make up for a good season when some people have poor appetite due to high temperature in summer.

At the same time, autumn is another harvest season. The meat is delicious and the number of vegetables and fruits is the best season to arrange diet.

Speaking of this, don’t be happy first, and accidentally supplemented with overcurrent nutrition, and there is also a word that may be suitable for you: stick to autumn.

Therefore, everyone must eat in moderation as possible for the dietary conditions provided by this congenital natural condition.

3. Other

The autumn of pregnancy and the upcoming spring and early summer are more suitable for going out to exercise, which is conducive to delivery;

The temperature of the baby is also more suitable after birth, and it will be appropriate to take out the sun (but do not expose it) to supplement vitamin D, which is conducive to bone development.

It’s just autumn, isn’t it eager to try?In any case, I still want to remind everyone that since I already want children, then prepare everything, money, material, and body, because with a child, he must be responsible for him, he is a life!

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