Baby’s pregnancy photos, Sun Yi’s pregnancy photos, Sun Yan’s pregnancy photos, see Xie Na’s: This is true

Baby’s pregnancy photos, Sun Yi’s pregnancy photos, Sun Yan’s pregnancy photos, seeing Xie Na: This is true!

When Huo Siyan married Du Jiang, many people were not particularly accepted.Because the man is much smaller than the woman, the gap between the two people in the career is relatively large.However, for such a long time, many people felt that Huo Siyan was married to others, and now he has been spoiled as a princess.Huo Siyan appeared publicly when she was pregnant. She wore a white knitted fishtail skirt, which can be clearly seen. Huo Siyan during pregnancy was a lot fatter, and her double chin was particularly obvious. She had changed her face and her body shape, and it was still very hard.

Sun Yi was a model before. Later, he realized Dong Zijian because of filming. Who would have thought that the two were married at a young age, and soon became pregnant and gave birth to children.Sun Yi himself is very high. When she is pregnant, her belly is particularly obvious, but her limbs are still slender, especially a pair of beautiful legs, full of girls.This wide T -shirt is just like a 18 -year -old girl.If this belly does not look carefully, it is still not obvious.

Yang Ying was originally a small model, and she was not very popular. She also went to Japan to develop for a while.Later, Yang Ying came to domestic development and talked to Huang Xiaoming about love. When the two got married, the wedding scene was a century scene, and most people in the entertainment industry were invited.When Yang Ying was pregnant, she also insisted on work.She looks good, a set of small incentives is very ladylike, her belly is quite obvious, and her makeup on her face is very strong. Even if she is pregnant, she must be beautiful.

After Sun Yan married Deng Chao, he became a model couple in the entertainment industry. In the past two years, his career development has also been very good.Sun Yan gave birth to two children. The current life is relatively comfortable and has a very fulfilling life every day.Sun Yan also took a photo photo during pregnancy. The stomach was really large from the side face, and his face was painted with exquisite makeup.However, in addition to the stomach, the limbs are still slender or beautiful.

Xie Na was very low -key after pregnancy, and also paid attention to protecting her body.At that time, in order to promote his brand, he appeared publicly.At that time, the temperature was relatively low. Xie Na was also relatively low -key at the event. With a faint makeup throughout the process, the whole person looked very gentle.She chose to use black clothes to be thin, and this loose clothes could cover her belly, and the wrapping was very rigorous.Many people think that Xie Na’s state is what the real pregnant woman should look like.

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