Back acid to be improved in the second trimester, 4 small tricks make pregnant women’s waist more comfortable

Women will have various uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy, low back pain will cause back pain. This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the middle of pregnancy. At the same timeToo large can also lead to low back pain, so how to improve the backache in the middle of pregnancy? Let’s take a look together!

Method of improvement of backache in the middle of pregnancy

During pregnancy, as the fetus continues to increase, the load of the waist will gradually increase, so the pregnant woman will have back pain in the middle of pregnancy.Some back pain in the second trimester will last until the third trimester, even until the production, which will make pregnant women very uncomfortable throughout pregnancy. Below we will introduce several improvements in the middle pregnancy to relieve low back pain.

4 relief methods of lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy:

1. Control weight

The main cause of low back pain in the middle of pregnancy is that the fetus is too large and too much amniotic fluid. Many pregnant women do not pay attention to their daily diet, supplement too much nutrients, resulting in too fast weight growth.So controlling weight is a main way to delay low back pain.

2. Proper calcium supplementation

The fetal development in the middle of pregnancy requires a large amount of calcium elements. If the calcium intake is insufficient, the bone quality of the pregnant woman can soften the bone and cause back pain. Therefore, the appropriate amount of calcium in the middle of pregnancy can relieve low back pain.

3. Massage waist

Women can gently massage the waist and relax the muscles of the waist, which is helpful to alleviate the pain on the back and back of the waist, but it is best not to choose essential oils when massaging.Essence

4. Appropriate exercise

During pregnancy, not any exercise can not participate. By the end of pregnancy, pregnant women can try some mild exercise to relieve low back pain, such as swimming and yoga.Pay attention to the soft movement and not affect the fetus.

In short, the above is the method that can improve low back pain in the middle of pregnancy. In the process of pregnancy, we often have various symptoms of physical discomfort. Only by alleviating through some methods can the pregnant women spend more comfortable during pregnancy.

Lavimatic acid care method in the middle of pregnancy

Back pain in the middle of pregnancy is usually due to the increase in physical load after pregnancy, and the increased uterus is forward, which makes the body’s center of gravity move backwards. The muscles are in a state of continuous tension. Therefore, there will be symptoms of back pain.Use some of the following care methods to alleviate.

Lavimatic acid care method in the middle of pregnancy

1. In the pregnant woman’s abdomen root or special pregnancy belt, to support the waist of the pregnant woman, thereby relieve pain;

2. Maintain the correct posture. The correct standing posture is the slightly divided legs, the back is straight, the chest is tight, and the jaw is closed.If the posture is correct, the big belly will not be very conspicuous;

3. Proper exercise, choose suitable gymnastics or swimming in pregnant women, and exercise according to personal circumstances can enhance physical strength;

4. Don’t sleep too softly, too soft to cause the waist to sink, cause or aggravate low back pain;

5. Do not stand up and sit too fast. It is best to have a helping object in your hand;

6. You can eat some foods that relieve back pain for pregnant women: if it is mainly rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D.

In short, in addition to the method of low low back pain care introduced above can alleviate low back pain in the middle of pregnancy, diet can also be performed, replenishing collagen in the diet, enhancing the support of the bones and muscles of pregnant mothers, for example, you can eat some big stick bone bone bonesOr foods such as trotters.

Is the backache normally in the second trimester?

Limne acidity in the second trimester is generally normal. Many pregnant women have symptoms of backache in the middle of pregnancy. Pregnant women are in the middle of pregnancy, increased placenta and amniotic fluid, and most of the lumbar spine bears can lead to the backache of pregnant women.

Factors that cause lumbaric acid in the second trimester

1. During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones, the joints of pregnant women will become loose;

2. With the continuous growth of the fetus, the fetal position gradually moves forward to aggravate the burden of lumbar and tail spine;

3. When the excess water flows to the pelvic part of the pregnant woman’s body, the waist nerves and spine fail to get sufficient oxygen.

In short, these factors will lead to lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy. In the face of the condition of lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers learn to adjust the center of gravity appropriately. You can wear elastic socks and low -heeled shoes during the day of the day.When lying flat at night, you can put a pillow under your knees or hold your belly with a special pillow. These methods can be relieved.

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