Ballad: Do you want to be low in the level of progesterone?Is this examination necessary after pregnancy?

Whether it is a gynecological clinic or an online consultation, there are a lot of pregnancy. The expectant mothers who took the blood test reported that the most confusing was progesterone testing.

There are many expectant mothers who have the following questions:

"Doctor, my progesterone level is so low, will the baby have a problem?"

"Doctor, the progesterone I review this time is less than the value of last week. Do you want to supplement progesterone?"

"Doctor, will I stop fetal stopping, why not progesterone?"


Wells of progesterone, I do n’t know where to start, after pregnancy, mothers have started to check this project. Some mothers do n’t understand, but they are required to repeatedly draw blood examination by doctors.The sign, as long as the progesterone is fully supplemented, the embryo will definitely be fine.

Is this really the case?

of course not!

The current situation is that progesterone testing is abused, and it is accompanied by "big taboos". It seems that as soon as you are pregnant, there will be problems without progesterone. Excessive diagnosis and treatment.

Welon is progesterone and is secreted by women’s ovarian luteal.Women’s ovarian development is mature. After ovulation, the follicles wall, together with the granular cells and vascular nerves of the residual nutrient eggs and the tissue of vascular nerves, convert them into luteum, and the particle cells of the follicles are transformed into luteal cells.The membrane is transformed into a state suitable for pregnancy to welcome the arrival of fertilized eggs.

If there is no pregnancy, the level of progesterone secreted by the luteal has begun to decline, and the endometrium is exfoliated for about 14 days after ovulation, which is manifested as vaginal hemorrhage, that is, menstrual tide;The luteal, which promotes further synthetic secretion of progesterone to maintain the development of early pregnancy.

During the early pregnancy, progesterone levels fluctuate up and down within the normal range, and are related to its day and night distribution and pulse release. The differences in different individual progesterone secretion are also very large. ThereforeIt is unscientific to judge whether the embryonic development is good.

Is it necessary to draw blood to check progesterone during early pregnancy?It needs to be treated in the case.

For patients with IVF and repeated miscarriages, doctors can adjust progesterone medication solutions according to the situation.

For the prospective mothers who are pregnant naturally, the first time I go to the blood test can also check the progesterone: the serum progesterone levels in 24 hours a day fluctuate very much, and the value is between 5.28 and 40.82 ng/ml.In normal circumstances, you don’t have to repeat blood to check the progesterone in the future.If the progesterone value is lower than 5ng/ml, it may indicate abnormal pregnancy, and the survival rate of embryos may be small.

In 2015, the Reproductive Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association published the "Death Supplement and progesterone supplementary consensus", which clearly stated that only the clinical detection of serum HCG levels to judge the villus activity of pregnancy, ultrasonic detection of embryo development, without monitoring serum progesterone, no monitoring of serum progesteroneLevel and change.

After 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, the vaginal ultrasound can be clearly observed to observe the shape of the gestational sac and the internal gestational sac in the palace and the fetal heart beating.Check HCG and progesterone is not significant.

In addition, it is unnecessary to replenish the fetal ketone without indication.When there are signs of signs such as bleeding such as bleeding, supplementation of progesterone can reduce the risk of bleeding, so that expectant mothers should not be too nervous because of bleeding, and play a psychological comfort, but it does not have much impact on the end of pregnancy.

Other expectant mothers, they dare not move when they discover pregnancy, and rest in bed every day. This will not increase the success rate of fetal protection. Instead, it will increase the risk of thrombosis. It will also make you feel more anxious.Do it.

After reading the above analysis, everyone, do not entangle at the level of progesterone, take blood in vain, and take more medicines.If you encounter a doctor who allows you to repeatedly draw blood to check the progesterone, you might as well change a doctor.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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