Bananas can be eaten as rice, have you tasted it?(Trip of Uganda)

In 2020, for the first time, he was invited to Uganda’s capital and attended a friend’s wedding. The most memorable of which was the bananas here.

What surprised me was not as backward as I thought.Campra’s market is very prosperous and lively.Among them, the most eye -catching is the green "banana" piled up.

Bananas of all kinds of colors-pictures are from Baidu

Traveling in Uganda, no matter where you go, you can see the banana forests in the mountains, the bananas hanging on it, some mature, some are still growing, showing various colors.As a southerner, I have never seen such bananas before.Others say that China can’t travel to the Great Wall a non -good man, so go to Uganda without knowing bananas and walk!

Banana is definitely a local local specialty. Here, bananas are really used to eat.

Banana rice MATOKE

Banana rice-picture from Baidu

Here, they used bananas to entertain me. As soon as I entered the house, I gave me a cup of delicious banana milk juice appetizing, and then baked yellow banana snacks.We ate a banana rice called "Mattky".This kind of rice is based on a sweet banana variety, peeling into mud, and mixed with red bean juice, peanut butter, braised chicken nuggets, and curry beef after steaming.Although I ca n’t adapt to it from the beginning, I still feel good to eat a few more mouthfuls.

Use banana leaves to prepare crafts

Here I see that in addition to eating bananas, they are also very good at making banana leaves into various characteristic tourism crafts, such as banana leaf weaving mats, weaving baskets, making chair cushions, making rice bowls, making plates, etc.I also saw that I could use banana skin to make pictures. Although I have never seen these crafts before, it is popular in Uganda and is very popular.

African banana leaf collage Marcei’s 35*25 cm-Picture from Baidu

"Mango", my friend is very proud of his family’s treatment of bananas. He always hopes that more people can understand his hometown. I also want to have the opportunity to meet him in the future. I heard that he has given birth recently.The daughter is called Xiaoxiang, haha.

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