Bao Dad learned that his wife gave birth to a woman and complained that "obscure" is too lazy to get the name. Is it so important to have a son?

In 2021, there were 8.873 million newly registered newborns, and the boys were 480,000 more than girls.

Among the friends of Sugar Mom, many men "dream" and want to have a daughter, and the children like it after birth.

On the Internet, some people felt that having a daughter was "obscure", and even publicly expressed their dislike and dissatisfaction with their daughter, causing people who made friends in their friends.

The news of the delivery of the delivery room is one of the major events in life. The arrival of the new life is worthy of excitement and congratulations. A novice Bao dad in Chongqing can’t be happy.

"The hospital can’t stay anymore for a moment, and I am very obscure that I have a daughter. I made a sin in my last life." Who can imagine, these words can be said from a population that just served as a father.

After speaking, it is not enough. The man continued to complain in the circle of friends. He thought that he was unlucky. The long -awaited birth son was desperate, and he wasted for a day to wait for the baby to be born.

I wonder if these words are angry with his wife, but he angrily anger many netizens.The Internet condemned that her daughter had a dad like him was unlucky.

Some people even ran to the men’s shops and accused him in person. At one point, they were shocked to the community. The Women’s Federation began to pay attention to it.

After the incident was spread, the man’s parents criticized him for the first time, and the staff of the community and the Women’s Federation also trained them.

And informed the man’s wife’s wife, so that he would ask for help in time in time.

Afterwards, Bao Da explained that he was recently deceived by money and annoyed more, and he always wanted a son. At that time, it was only a moment of excitement to complain about those words.For his daughter, he will fulfill his obligation to take care and support.

After watching the sugar mom, the feeling is the same as everyone, even if it is angry, it hurts.

His wife had a baby in October, but her husband felt that her daughter was obscure.The baby will grow up in this family in the future, but is disgusted by his father from his birth.

The baby is still ignorant now. When she grows up one day, when she accidentally knows what Dad once said herself, she would feel like she said.

Nowadays, the thoughts of most people focusing on men and women should change, but some people are still obsessed with wanting to be a son.

In some areas, there are at least two sons in a family to be looked down upon by relatives and friends.If you have a daughter before, you will be born until there is a son.

The reason why they want a son, a small number of people simply likes their sons, just like others like their daughters.

But most people are for "face", for the sake of surnames, or the so -called "raising children to prevent the elderly".

Some people even obviously do not want to give birth and can’t afford it, but they still try their best to get a son because of these ideas.

But having said that, if you want to have a son, it is the freedom of everyone.The reason why this Bao dad in Chongqing made everyone angry is his attitude towards his daughter.

I was worried that in addition to being too exciting on the Internet, he would also hurt people when he was educating his daughter.

Perhaps the birth of a son is really important to some families, but it does not mean that the daughter is useless.There are many advantages to raising daughters, and it is impossible for boys to be experienced.

When the boy grows up, he can make his parents very secure, and the boy is better than his daughter in addition to being naughty. What makes the parents more assured that the son will not "marry".

In fact, there are many advantages except that the adopted daughter cannot meet the requirements of the family’s "passage". Only those who really like their daughters can realize it.

The daughter can make the couple gentle down

The daughter is a little cotton jacket for mom and dad. This sentence is not fake at all.Girls are relatively quieter, even if they are in trouble, their parents are reluctant to lose their temper and slowly become gentle.

The daughter loves to cry but has delicate thoughts

Girls are naturally emotional. They may usually like to cry, but girls can observe the mood changes of parents and dads in time.

Because the psychological maturity time is earlier than the boy, it is easier to communicate, and you can cure each other with parents.

Raising daughters can also "prevent old age"

It is just a empty words to raise a child. How many sons in real life make parents disappointed and chilling.If there is a son, the parents are not doting to discipline, then the son will only cause trouble, and the chance of not filial piety is relatively high.

In the same way, with her daughter, she also gives her wholehearted love. She is not eccentric, not slander, and educates her heart. The daughter can also be excellent.

Mother Candy Mom said in my heart:

The son and daughter are not absolutely bad. Whether children can honor their parents and have a good chance in the future are how parents guide.

As parents, they can like boys, but since they have a daughter, they must also accept her and love her from the heart.Don’t destroy your child’s life because of prejudice and face problems.

[Topic today] Do you think that having a son is very important?

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