Bao Ma prepared for pregnancy and was not pregnant for a year.

I did n’t conceive for a year for a year, all kinds of anxiety and all kinds of torrents. What time to go to the hospital to monitor follicle development. According to the same room required by the doctor, a variety of Chinese and Western medicines were almost eaten as meals. As a result, the belly was flat.It was flatter than Princess Taiping, and finally gave up. I thought I did n’t want to relax myself. I did n’t want to relax myself.

Tell me about this child who is pregnant now … This year, I went home for the New Year this year and was urged by my family and relatives to be upset. I still insisted on asking for a few years, but I seriously ignored my husband’s psychological imagination. I usually say that the man who supports all the decisions of me.But I was quietly prepared for pregnancy, not smoking, saying that it was for health, I didn’t stay up late, I said for health, and forced me to go to bed early and urged me to get up together early.In the morning, he usually didn’t eat fish and shrimp and seafood. He often ate it, and he went to a medical examination before the New Year. These are all I found that he has been working hard after pregnancy.I doubt whether I was his wife, and I didn’t notice it.

We have always been wearing a set of contraceptives, all he bought, and he has done it by himself. I never intervened. How could I think that guy did his hands and feet on a hate to give birth to a child.Ah, his explanation is that if I do not agree to ask the child, he can be chop first, and recognize that I will not hurt my baby when I am pregnant, and if I agree, I may also affect the conception like the first child.He thinks this trick is the best. Look, this is my husband, a good man who said that he respects his wife and loves his wife.I was surprised … I just knew that when I was pregnant, I was so embarrassed … When he smiled and told me the conspiracy, I really wanted to cover it with a slap, but unfortunately a distance of hundreds of kilometers away, I could only use my mobile phone to use my mobile phone.Show my span’s Xingxing to show him.

In this way, I was inexplicable and confused as a quasi -my mother. Although I, I was reluctant, there was always a feeling of being designed.Mind.But angry and angry, reluctant to return, after all, it is also my baby. You can clean up all your emotions and welcome the arrival of this little life.

The editor of the child who loves early childhood education and childcare warmly reminds you of the mother and mother:

1. Pregnancy is a matter of two people.

But checking the body is not to check without purpose.That is, to check the routine of semen, to check the six hormones of women, and to understand the situation of the fallopian tube, to see if there are uneven echoes, whether there are positions or type B or C -type endometrium in the endometrium;Whether sperm antibody and other antibodies are negative.If these are all good, of course, pregnancy is a matter of success.Anti -sperm antibodies and other antibodies are definitely normal and negative; endometrium is definitely uniform, not thick, especially not too thick; the fallopian tubes must be at least smooth and not sticky.Want to get pregnant, want eugenics, and prevent biochemistry, abortion, empty sac, and stopping after pregnancy. The focus of these tasks is before pregnancy.The work before pregnancy is the most important, so everyone should make a fertility plan early and prepare pre -pregnancy preparation.

2. The 5 taboos that Bao Da Bao’s pregnancy needs to pay attention to

1. Excessive tobacco and alcohol, after smoking and drinking.2. Rehabilitation of postpartum recovery less than 6 months to avoid affecting the recovery of physical fitness.3. After being disconnected from toxic items (such as: pesticides, lead, mercury, cadmium, anesthesia, etc.), then conceive.4. Film X -ray, radiation therapy, viral infection or chronic disease medication, the suspension time is less than 3 months of conception.5. Oral or implanted contraceptives Discontinue the drug less than 3 months.

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