Bao Ma who is easy to get pregnant usually takes the time to give birth to a holiday. Are you?

Xiaoxin and her husband have been married for 4 years, but they have given birth to two babies. Everyone feels very admired, but Xiaoxin is a bit miserable.It turned out that Xiaoxin didn’t want to have two babies so early. After giving birth to Dabao, I wanted to separate for a few years. I did not expect that she would come to the holiday soon, and then she was pregnant accidentally.Xiaoxin was very distressed. Both children were very small and worked hard to bring, but Xiaoxin’s cousin was very envious, because she always wanted a second child, but she was still prepared for many years.When two people chatted, they found that each other was very different in the period of gap after delivery. Sister Xiaoxin cousin did not come to the holiday after a year of birth, and Xiaoxin did not take a long time after two production.Is it easy to get pregnancy and the time for the postpartum vacation?

From a medical perspective, the first holiday after childbirth does represent women’s bodies more likely to conceive.

1. The uterine function recovers very well

Everyone knows that women’s menstrual periods are actually ovulation, so in menopause, it generally means that they cannot be born.During the pregnancy, women and uterus are giving birth to newborns. Therefore, there is no menstruation during pregnancy. After production, women’s uterine recovery degree seems to be in a regular vacation time.

If it is not long after giving birth, it is normal to take a holiday, and then it is relatively stable, and the date is very regular.It’s right.

Although some women have recovered their physical fitness, they still have to let the uterus rest after the production, so that it is helpful for women’s health and future recovery.The uterine injury is relatively large.Therefore, if women who come to the holiday soon after giving birth to the first child, pay attention to prevention, for their own health, and in order to better take care of the baby, it is better to take a little contraception and get pregnant.

2. Menstruation is late does not mean that the body is bad

If the regular holiday comes early, the uterus is recovered well, and there is no saying that the body is not good.The degree of recovery of everyone is not the same. Some women’s uterus is only slower, but it does not mean that this body is not good, so mothers who have been late for a holiday do not have to worry too much.Conditioning according to the doctor’s advice, the body will return to the normal state as soon as possible.

3. I will get pregnant without a regular holiday

Don’t think that you won’t get pregnant without menstruation. I believe that many mothers will have such a wrong understanding.Xiao Jing was very depressed. She obviously had no example, but she was pregnant after the same room. In fact, there were still many situations.Although many mothers did not come for a holiday during breastfeeding, it did not mean that there was no ovulation. Because the uterus had not recovered and the ovulation recovered normal, some women still had no obvious holiday.But with the possibility of pregnancy, it is normal to get pregnant at this time.

Therefore, if women who are not ready to be prepared for the next baby, it is best to take physical contraception measures after delivery, so as to avoid pregnancy when the body is not fully prepared.

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