Be a father?54 -year -old Faye Wong Xiaolong was suspected of getting pregnant, Nicholas Tse was busy making milk powder, Bai Zhi Kong was happy

When Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse said, they can be regarded as star couples in the entertainment industry. After all, they have been divided into combination from the millennium, and they are not re -together until many years. ThereforeFollow, but they are not in a hurry, and even too lazy to do the marriage certificate.

Be a father?54 -year -old Faye Wong Xiaolong is suspected of pregnancy

Therefore, every time they appear, they will attract everyone to watch. This is not yesterday (April 20). Faye Wong appeared again at the airport. It should be just returning. From the exposed photos, we can see that the 54 -year -old is 54 years old.Faye Wong, wearing black short sleeves with beige jackets is very casual.

But it is worth mentioning that when she came down from the car, she looked like a small abdomen, as if she was pregnant. If the guess was right, it would be Faye Wong as the third time to be a mother, because she had already been with the two before with the two.The ex -husband gave birth to her daughter, Li Yan and Dou Jing, so everyone was very concerned about her. After all, this means whether Nicholas Tse was a father again.

Nicholas Tse is busy making milk powder

But so far, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse have not come out to make a response, so we don’t know the truth, but from Nicholas Tse’s rare to accompany Faye Wong, it is not completely groundless, because some netizens have found that Nicholas Tse is busy now. Now Nicholas Tse is busy.Make money back to make money.

So everyone suspects that he may be for the sake of the child who has not been born in the stomach to make milk powder. After all, if you are really pregnant, this will be the first child of the two.Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse’s ex -wife, maybe everyone would be curious why I would say that.

Bai Zhi Kong Happy

This incident has to start from the news some time ago, because some time ago, there was news that Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse had re -burned out, and they planned to be together again.Really compounding is not a bad thing.

But with Faye Wong’s suspected pregnancy, I think Cecilia Cheung’s compound dream may be just empty and happy. After all, no one will give up his child?So even for children, Nicholas Tse could not choose to separate from Faye Wong on this festival.

However, some people point out that the reason why Nicholas Tse did not accompany Faye Wong this time because the other party went to Europe, not for travel, but to accompany her daughter Li Yan. Therefore, Nicholas Tse, as a quasi -father.Going is not because of making money at all, but this is the case, everyone does not know.

But I think Faye Wong, as a well -known musician, is a person who is disdainful to explain in words, so as long as we learn to wait, I believe that the future time will prove everything, and there is no need for everyone’s guessing. Everyone thinks I am right.?Of course, for Faye Wong, the most important thing is life and family.

So in the future, will she take the initiative to expose life with everyone? We don’t know, but I believe she will definitely give you an explanation, just like the music she likes, isn’t it because she does not do any early warning, will she descend major platforms?Because we look forward to her answer like music.

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